Saturday May 26th 2018

This weekend is Memorial Day in the USA - lots of stuff happening, but notably the “Indy 500″ - I think that the Formula One race in Monaco also goes this weekend - here is an old poster. - Remember the film “Grand Prix” which starred James Garner ?  - they set up a sequence where one of the cars goes into the harbor, but this actually happened one year, luckily the driver escaped.

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The action has also started in the Isle of Man - where June is always TT month - crazy road racing on ordinary roads around the Manx 37 .7 Mile Mountain circuit - always thrilling, but also  deadly.


We haven’t heard if any riders got ticketed on the long weekend, while out riding in the Forestry - Our Outlaw Event at Scotch Creek was on Private Property, so no problem.  However, with already a bunch of Wild Fires burning in  BC, I’m sure all Off Road activity will be under scrutiny.    We still don’t have Spark Arrestors for sale ( We do have one on our Beta Evo) but some people are making their own. - Basically the Co’s will be checking for these, plus Off Road Registration and Insurance.


A good caption for this photo, taken at the first Outdoor World Round in Spain last weekend ( in the rain)  could be

” How the hell do we ride this ?  We only practice hopping on dry rocks?”

Of course the exception, would be James Dabill - who had just completed the very wet Scottish Six Days Trial.  - As most folk know - this World round stuff, is supposed to be scored under the “No Stop”   rules, but if you watch the videos from both the Scottish and this Spanish event, a lot of the top riders, should have been scored a few “Fives”  for stopping - or as it used to be written in the Rule Book - “Cessation of forward Motion”   - We saw Dougie Lampkin, get away with at least one “5″ in the Scottish - and in the video of this Spanish Trial - Toni Bou has an outstanding ride on one section, but it should have been scored a Five.  -

The problem we have with this scoring system, is that many Observers or checkers, are intimidated by the top riders, or their “Minders”


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