Thursday April 15th 2021

I love the Xtrack TRS - having spent quite a lot of time on them for the past year - the estart makes this a joy to headĀ  out onto the trails, no matter what age you are- and while I did like to zip up a lot of hills - I was sensible enough to remember my age. - Now I have to wait and see if I can keep one for myself later this year. ( They are in huge demand)
The bike has all the top suspension and power that the regular Trials model has - in fact it comes with a spare Trials gas tank should the owner decide to convert it to a regular Trials bike.

Adam shows just what the bike is capable of.
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Here is a pic that shows Euro riders enjoying the high Alpine - Although we did a little of this when we lived & rode in Alberta back in the 70’s - it wasn’t until much later after moving to BC that I got really into exploring the high mountain terrain.- There is no doubt that a Trials bike can get you into places that are only otherwise accessibleĀ  by Mountain Goats - But you do need to be prepared and take extra gas. ( We make special bags for this)

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Sun is up and it looks like it’s going to be a glorious weekend - glad to say that Babsy is coming along well - but will need 6-8 weeks to recuperateĀ  from her operation.


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