Friday February 19th 2021

We got a call from Graeme Manning yesterday which was quite a surprise as we have not talked since he moved to Pender Island a few years ago.- He said that he had just finished reading my very long Blog from Thursday ( Yes it was quite long)  - Graeme lived in Kelowna for a while and rode our Trials events.


And now for something different - a Steam Engine in the UK back in the day. - As a young lad I used to be a “Train spotter” - Just after World War Two -  Somebody had the bright idea of printing books for schoolboys with all the Engine numbers - yes there were hundreds - I think you had to join a Special club to get your book. - Then the idea was to stand on the Platform at the Train Station - or nearby where you could check the numbers of the Engines as they went through. - then you underlined that to show that you had seen  or spotted it.  A lot of the engines also had names which were all kept highly polished. -
May be an image of train and railroad

Here is another Railroad pic - this is Salmo BC back in 1900 - I’ve traveled through there a zillion times & often stopped for lunch at a small Cafe where this  pic is - on the main street!! A few more buildings now - but still a small town.
May be a black-and-white image of mountain, nature and snow


Nice shot of John Lampkin when he was on a Roy Cary- Fantic - Roy died this week and John wrote a nice tribute to him.
May be an image of one or more people, bicycle and outdoors


Video for today  >> 02 PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 | 1999 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Check out the review of TRIAL PORTUGAL | Second round of the 1999 TRIAL World Championship.Subscribe to VintageTRIAL:


58.ISDE 1983 WALES RSWR450F RSWR450F • 7.3K views 5 years ago

Check this out -   - it’s about the ISDE in Wales. - Yes I was there, with Team Canada.  - The link was sent to me by Bob Olar from Ontario, who reads the blog every day - The quality isn’t great and it shows a lot of the Euro Teams - but if you like sheep dogs !! you might enjoy it.

Well it snowed all day yesterday - and as it’s still dark out as I write this. I’ve no idea what it will look like today - definitely   a “plow day” >>>

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