Saturday February 20th 2021

Check this out - It might be an old pic - but the love is there . ( No idea who it is)
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Another wonderful photo of Scotland - ( without Trials bikes) - The scenery is wonderful and I truly wish that I had tried to do more traveling when I lived in the UK. - But like they say - too late now, but at least we still have our Scottish Connection with Harry & Wendy McKay - and it might surprise a few people to learn that my Granny on my Dad’s  side of the family  was a Fraser - from the famous Clan - A story from our family archives says that we were once considered to be named Fraser-Rhodes. -  But of course with Mum being Welsh - that got shot down pretty quick -
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As this Pandemic drags on -  it is quite depressing for many of us - as old folks we rarely go out - I just stop off at the Post Office or Purolator - - to send off parts - with a deep freeze in the Okanagan - nobody is going out riding ( except maybe enduro guys with studs) -   However, I remember a few Februaries - when we were out at Bear Creek - so if you are young-fit- and able - you should get out on that bike - Yes I will be out there  at some point plotting sections for you to ride - remember - “It ain’t over . until the Fat lady sings,.


When you look at video clips of of Trials events from the past - you might perhaps blame the design of the old bikes for all the “Flailing”around with riders  footing everywhere - but one of the big problems was the Tires that were available at the time - they were all 4ply - very stiff and gave little grip when compared to the Modern Michelin X11 or Dunlop 803 - As I recall we used to run the Dunlop tires back in the day, very hard, but I came across this poster for Avon Tires - quite rare I think -the rider Norman Ere and his brothers, used to ride our local Trials and I remember them quite well. The Victory Trial was held close to where I lived, but I don’t think I ever rode that one.
May be an image of text that says '18th February 1961 VICTORY TRIAL WINNER SOLO CLASS N. F. EYRE (TRIUMPH) WINNER SIDECAR K. R. KENDALL (ARIEL) won Passenger KENDALL AVON to-day's leading tyres Subscribe@'


This video is about Steve Troupe from Ontario and is quite interesting. Riding Trials with Steve! If you happen to follow Steve on Instagram (@stroupefly) you know he’s an avid trials rider now and in his younger years. This winter while scrolling through his feed looking at all his old trials riding photos, we thought it’d be great to ask Steve to do a guest post on the blog and tell us a bit…


Weather is a lot warmer today  & no snow - at least not at the moment, so I might spend some time in the shop - I still have some boxes of Wulf stuff to unpack.


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