Sunday February 21st 2021

This pic just popped up on FB - it shows me on my new James 197 parked by the Lake in Bala North Wales - We used the same bike for everything back then, - just taking off the tank & fitting an old one before riding it in competition - this was 2nd new bike I had and needless to say, it didn’t stay that shiny for long. ( The old B&W pic got creased over the years)  I think that I likely paid about 125 pounds stirling for that  and I recall that I got paid 30 shillings a week as an Apprentice Photo Engraver. (Note new pic with crease removed by Roger Boothroyd - thanks mate!!)

And this is the very first award I won - I still have it - I remember it was a Trial put on by the Wirral 100 club in Wales with about 120 riders, and I was surprised when I saw my name in the results which were posted the following week. - (I don’t think it was on this bike) the awards were usually mailed out to you.

In those days everybody rode the same line - same sections, so you were always up against some of the best riders in the Country on their “Factory” bikes. - to win a 1st Class award, you had to finish in the top 10% of the finishers- then you got a 2nd Class Award if you finished in the next best 10% - As mentioned most Trials would have about a 100 plus riders and the loop would usually be around 70+ miles for the day. - After that you would put the lights back on the bike to ride home - as it was usually late by then and you often had to ride 50 miles back to your home-town making for a very long day.

( Kids today don’t know they’re born!! - an old English expression)

I wonder how many people remember Lonny from when he used to ride a lot of Trials at Ioco? - I seem to recall that some of lads used to call him “Loony” because of his “Full on” approach to some of the sections. - He moved to Cyprus later with his wife, but finally settled in Wales,
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Caption for this said “Bob Hannah sold a lot of Yamahas” - and this was no doubt  true - I worked for Yamaha Motor Canada back in those amazing times - and met both Bob and Broc Glover when they attended the Bike shows in Calgary and other places.  They were very good ambassadors  for Yamaha and very professional .
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Check out this website to watch some slick video especially the one of the lad on the 125 !! Yes  these bikes are brilliant ( as are the Beta 125’s) - We have had them both out to demo .Always had a real blast on either of them - - But we will only be special ordering these in future,  as they are not a big seller - and are not “Cheap” - Most people do not realize just how good the 125 & 200 bikes are and tend to buy something way to powerful for their ability.

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Here’s a good video to watch >>
Trial Tube - 4 Stroke VS 2 Stroke Beta 300 TrialTube TrialTube • 8.1K views 1 week ago


and one more>


We have been Distributing Opti Oil since 1987 - it goes in all our bikes. - If you are having trouble finding it - pleas give us a call.


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