Monday February 22nd 2021

Happy birthday to our lovely Grand daughter Hannah - who turns 23 today

A reason why people love Scotland - although  you don’t often  see snow like his for very long.

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Because there are land issues everywhere here is a message from Chessy Knight regarding the Sqaumish area which could be coming under fire.

We are going to have to wait and see what the District says. Spencer is and has been the 99 Trials representative on the Smoke Bluffs Park Committee for many years now, and we have enjoyed good relationships with other park users. We are typically consulted on park management, although many of you will remember to District’s botched trail construction in the park a couple of years ago. The trials trails and popular climbing routes do not have a ton of overlap. That being said, anything can happen. I do believe that we will be consulted on any potential changes that could affect us, if any are planned. So let’s just see what happens.
Meanwhile in Europe >>>>

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Another TRS pic - this time one of the very popular Xtrack models - in big demand especially the estart units. - ( If you want one - better order now as all the early shipments are sold out)

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Mick in his early days with Ossa - Did you know he was originally signed up to ride “Scrambles”? - The Bedford Transit van was very popular back in the day as a “Bike hauler”
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A video selection TrialGP ⚠ Falls & Mistakes ⚠ Grand Prix de France | Day1 ◾ Lourdes 2016 Trial World Championship || 5ª Prueba del Mundial de Trial celebrado en Lourdes (Francia). Vídeo resumen del primer día que contiene algunas caídas y errores…

Click on and find out >>>>  Motor Cycling’s



Nobody guessed who the rider was in the Wulf riding who I said “Was out of sight” - It was of course Marcus Buhrig  he lives in -  “Blind Bay ” !!!!!!


I saw this old pic of a Cross Country in Alberta, but not sure what that one was called or who took the pic and in what year - Anybody know? -  It was at Fallen  Timber. ( There have been a few posts on FB since I  did this)
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Although I’ve visited just about everywhere in Canada at some time or another - I have never been to Alaska(USA) - looking at this shot I imagine it would be a spectacular trip by train. -

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Does anybody remember the crazy water section that I put in the National Trial at East Kelowna back in the 1980’s - It seemed like quite possible  when I set it up - but after heavy overnight rain & maybe some snow run off - it became too much of a challenge for all except Stan, who gave it a go and I think got out with a three!! Sadly I don’t have any pics from most of our Trials back then as I was either riding or too busy organizing.

This is a water section in Europe someplace and a rider on an SWM Submarine

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Here’s one of me in a 1971 Alberta Trial when I  didn’t realize Bultaco’s hated water!!


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