Wednesday February 24th 2021

Post from the World Trials site - Don’t forget to click on the English translation Toni Bou: “El X-Trial estuvo más igualado de lo que muestran los resultados” Toni Bou recoge su trofeo como Campeón del Mundo X-Trial 2020 junto a Adam Raga y Jeroni Fajardo en Andorra

And another report of a great day out with the French TRS Crew


Still on the TRS theme - it was warm enough on Tuesday to give the Goldie a run around the yard - pic by my lad Steve.

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I have dozens of old videos both VHS and CD - but really enjoyed watching this 2 tape version by Duke from 1992 - it really is brilliant and shows a wide selection of events, including the only World Round they held in Scotland, won by Diego Bosis (Fantic) with a score of 100 points !!!  - This was in many ways the golden era of Trials when both bikes and techniques were changing, but the Natural sections were still used for most events, there is some great footage of a young Graeme Jarvis when he got into the top class at Trials - he usually finished well down the results.
It is likely available from Duke video on CD and well worth the price, especially if you want to learn good clutch & throttle control, and SMOOTH technique.

UPDATE:  Also featured in one of these video clips is Philippe Berlatier taking on a big German Observer after a dispute with his score !!   Berlatier lost out in the wrestling match.


Birthday greeting today to old buddy Bob Underhill - a great MX rider back in the day, who alwys worked at Allied in Vancouver & a big promoter of  Bultaco,. ( The message on FB says Bob turns 52 today !! err! think they might be out by about 20 years) - Also note somebody named David Rhodes turned 63 today but again - no that is not me. Although I wish I was still only 62!!.
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