Saturday April 10th 2021

The Morning Hospital Report.

Babs was due to have an op: last night to remove her gall bladder - but we won’t know anything further until later today.  - We will keep everyone posted.
We have fitted these nice S3 pegs to our 2021 Beta Evo 300 SS  demo and really like them - now we just need to get more in for stock.


I’ve seen pics of this lady road racer before in her Isle of Man TT debut - not many gals were into this back in the day - but looking at this pic, it struck me as to how insane a place it was to mount the registration plate ( just in front on top of the forks) - Now I’m not sure why these race bikes would need to be licensed  but it reminded me of a similar design flaw (IMHO) with the early Yamaha IT series - a round plastic number plate mounted above the headlight.  - Of course back in the day - this was quite popular on ISDT type bikes.   But I can tell you from experience it was a bad idea. -

Back in the day I was racing with buddy Murray Nutt out West of Calgary when we crossed a creek on an old  logging trail - both “Pinned” he was on his CR Honda - I was on an IT 175 - over a bit of a hill we roared side by side, only to find a large tree across the trail -  Murray was on the left side and luckily for him the tree had broken leaving a narrow gap - I was not so lucky hitting the large log - with both me and the Yam going up in the air - but what goes up - must come down - and in my case, I came down with my chin onto the top of that number plate!!  -

The result was a rather large nasty gash, which required a trip to the hospital and another long explanation to  first the Doc - then my wife Babsy when I arrived home from another “Fun day out in the Woods” - ( Yes we all wore open face helmets back then)

One interesting aspect that should be added to that story - was I drove myself to the Hospital - told the guys I would be fine -I didn’t want to spoil their day -  but as I was heading out of Cochrane on the road to Calgary - I met an RCMP car going the other way - lights came on as he did a u-turn and came after me - I remember I was speeding in my rush - so pulling over - I sat waiting for him to walk up to my window which I had opened - As he started to read the riot act to me - I lifted my head up which dropped my blood soaked bandana  to show my injury - at the same time - I said -” I just need to get to the hospital” !
“Holy shit” - he said - follow me- - that’s the first and last time I had a police escort lights flashing doing over 80 mph - in order to get to the Foothills hospital - I followed him in where he parked in front of emergency - He quickly jumped out of his car - came back to me and said go in there - I’ll look after your van. - ( Think I had over 20 stitches in my chin that day )  I often wonder who that nice RCMP Officer was..

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Another road race pic - this time it shows Prince Philip starting the 1949 TT in the Isle of man -( He was a great Motorcycle enthusiast)  The rider is Artie Bell - and I remember listening to that race on the radio  with Graham Walker commentating. - Ah yes memories.

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