Sunday April 11th 2021

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Chatted to Babsy last night and she says the operation to remove her gall bladder went well with the surgeon pleased with her recovery and may send her home today - !!   ( Big sigh of relief) - A huge thanks to people who have sent emails and kind messages from all across the Country, and around the World  - We really do have a very large Trials family.
A lot of people have contacted us with regard to the WTC these past few weeks - so here is a brief summary of how this all came about.

In 2009 I got a phone call from somebody involved with the WEC ( World Enduro Canada) - asking if we would like to host a National Trials Round - He explained that we would get free  insurance coverage for the organizers and Land owners ( if required) -

.Now I was aware that the WEC had been very successful in running an Enduro Series, so this appeared to be a good opportunity for our Western Clubs to hook up with a group as part of the WEC and under the MCC  National umbrella.

- As most people who have been around the sport for any length of time will recall - We had to give up on the CMA for our events, because of the cost.  -  ( and other issues)
This first WEC National Trial was held at Summerland in 2009 - with another one in Eastern Canada  -  the rest is History -

It was suggested ( by WEC) that we call our Trials group by  a slightly different name, and hence the WTC logo was decided on. ( World Trials Canada) - For over a decade successful  WTC Trials were held from Vancouver Island in the West to Quebec and Nova Scotia  in the East.   -  National Championship events were also promoted. - All very successful, all run by volunteers with nobody getting paid -

Bob Johns set up a webpage attached to his widely read Trials Canada site ( in English and French)  it was widely accepted by many competitors, that the WTC was the way to go..

In 2020, with the Pandemic causing a shut down of all  Motorized events - plus WEC operations - the WTC were left in a similar situation, with no free Insurance to offer clubs,  if and when, any Trials competitions could be held, in the future.   - The 2020 season was a Non-event for everybody.

.At this point in time, going into the 2021 Season - the WTC are unable to offer any help to clubs wanting to use the extremely easy and popular approach to organized Trials at a club level, so we have decided to discontinue  under this format - but will look at options being explored by our Eastern members,  who are also operating under the MCC banner. -

- We will post details of any news as we hear more.  ( Yes there has been a lot of “Behind the scenes talks)

As times and the World have changed, perhaps the question should be “Do we need a National body for Motorcycle Sport ?” - Obviously the WTC proved that unpaid volunteers can help guide clubs promote Trials in their  area.
That is a question that I will leave for the masses.

As both Bob Johns and myself are now on the wrong side of 80 - we really would like younger enthusiasts to pick up what has been a very good and popular series . But the choice is yours.

In the meantime -get out on your bike, when you can, while still social distancing.

Our Motorcycle Mojo gal Emily is in the Valley this weekend and riding with a bunch of friends at OK Falls - looks like they got up into the snow level on Friday.
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Here is a nice shot of 19year old Bill Wilkinson   riding in the British Experts Trial held near Builth  Wells in Wales - The young Yorkshireman surprised many of the established stars by winning the event. ( Check out his rather strange boots!!)
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I’ve posted this pic only because it shows a Viscount aircraft - When we came to Canada in 1965 - this was the last plane that we  were on, when we landed in Calgary. - We started in a Boeing 707, from Manchester UK to Montreal - then switched to a DC 8 from Montreal, with stops in Toronto and Winnipeg - then the Viscount with one more stop in Saskatoon before landing in Calgary at midnight March 3rd with the temperature -20. - Talk about a milk run. - And as has been reported by Mr Harlow Rankin - my first thoughts as the icy blast hit us from the open cabin door - with everything outside completely white was “What have I done”?
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Yes the grand old Duke loved bikes and cars.
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