Monday April 12th 2021

Babsy is home from the hospital and thanks everybody for the kind messages - she will need to take things easy for a while and has enough pills to stock a drugstore ( big job for me trying to figure them all out & when to take them)

Helen (seen here with her Mum)  has been fantastic - a wonderful caring daughter.


I like this old poster
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and text


Here are the results of the Rev Limiter in the States - Cody wins- Trystan grabs 3rd - Shelby Turner takes the Ladies class. RESULTS - 2021 Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro Results 2021 Rev Limiter Extreme Enduro KENDA AMA Extreme Championship MJSMotoPhotos Shelby Turner, Trystan Hart


An old pic with a gaggle of new Evos arrived at Outlaw.
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This is a great poster >>
May be an image of motorcycle and text that says 'YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU More and more clubs are struggling with not enough people helping or more and more being left o the senior members. EVENTS ARE BEING CUT SECTIONS ARE BEING CUT CLUBS ARE FOLDING Please get along to your club, offer to help, offer to observe, help to mark out, every little helps. ACU WESTASOUTH CENTRE DON'T THINK THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEBODY ELSE TO DO IT WE NEED YOU TO BE THAT Ask your club or centre secretary how you can get involved.'

There is no  doubt that a large percentage of Trials bikes are bought just for doing this - Exploring in the Mountains”

Another great shot of the Late Prince Philip watching the start of the TT in the Isle of Man -  # 3 is Phil Read on the Yamaha.
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They finally got to run a few events in the UK last weekend - this one in the Yorkshire snow.
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And finally  Jordi posted this pic, showing himself (arrowed) at age 13 watching the great Yrjo Vesterinen - A World Champion who inspired many, and the winner of the first ever Canadian World Round which I set up near Bragg Creek Alberta in 1975.

May be an image of 4 people, people standing, motorcycle, outdoors and text

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