Sunday April 25th 2021

With the Pandemic causing a complete shut down of  Motor Cycle  Trials in Canada - perhaps now is the time for folks to practice some techniques in the back yard - Yes even static balancing can be an asset. - While many youngsters look at Toni Bou videos  and all the rock hopping - Remember even he started by practicing the basics. - Interesting that I looked at some of the video clips from the Italian National Round from today and while it was nice to see lots of big steep dirt climbs rather than the usual man made stuff - none of the riders seem to be able to make tight turns without hopping.
Sammy had a whole bunch of training sessions booked but unfortunately the restrictions on travel have shut him down for the time being.  However this can’t last for ever, so if you want to learn from one of the best, watch out for updates on when and where he will be when things ease up.

Note: the pic below shows  Dec Bullock of the UK advertising the schools that he promotes.
May be an image of 1 person, bicycle, outdoors and text that says 'TECHNICAL TRAINING'


Nice to see these old Newspaper clippings in an age when everything is all electronic.

I took this pic at an Ioco Trial a  couple of years ago - great section - I think the rider is Sparky Bill - at least that is what Steve Day posted.
May be an image of 1 person

Below we see Martin Lampkin on a typical traditional style Trials section from a few years ago, before the sport turned into a Hop & Bop Circus.
May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and outdoors

Helmut Klassen has been flooding FB with old ISDE pics - this is one of John Penton in Europe someplace. - Very muddy so likely Austria.
No photo description available.

Video for today Trial Tube - How to get started in Trials! / We Start the Clubman Dream Build Beta EVO 200! This weeks video is a seriously high value video as we have so much crammed into this episode it will make your head spin.From the basics of “what to expect …


Yesterday, I took time to re-grease the wheel bearings on the new Beta SS 300 - it’s something that all new owners should do as none of the factories put enough really good waterproof grease in the bikes. - Same applies to the linkage bearings and the steering head. ( Note the bottom steering head  bearings are about $40 - so well worth the time it takes to do this.  )  - I just wish that the factories would fit grease nipples at these spots. ( Yamaha did this on the TY)

The grease we use is Opti grease which we can’t buy anymore, but any waterproof grease as used in the outboard motor business will do the job.


Cloudy today with rain in the forecast - maybe a good day to watch the golf on the box.


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