Thursday April 29th 2021

This is a nice pic of the Welsh Countryside, which brought back memories  of why I really got hooked on riding Trials-  We would often be on a long loop over the moors, before dropping down into a small village - and it was always a welcome sight to see the houses after struggling across miles of boggy Countryside.
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This is a 1929 Excelsior  hill climber - I remember when I first arrived in Canada back in 1965,  I was told by work mates that Motorcycle Sport was all about doing this with chains on the rear wheel for traction. !!  - So not being very impressed by this aspect ( coming from Europe where Motorcycle sport was completely different) - I decided to take up fishing instead. - However this all changed in 1969 when I joined the Calgary Motorcycle Club and became totally involved with promoting Trials - UK style.

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and one for the ladies >>>

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Great article on John Lampkin in the latest Trial Mag UK:


A neat shot showing Steve Saunders on the Bultaco, notice how close the other riders are, including World Champion Yrjo Vesterinen. - Trials Competition is the only Sport I think  where your main competitors can stand and watch your performance - adding to the stress - it’s a real “Head game”

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Another great pic of the late Dick Mann riding an Ariel in a Vintage Trial   .(pic by Jean Caillou)
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Another sad loss - this time from Alberta, where we just heard that Dean McFadden of Lethbridge has died at age 76.

I got to know Dean quite well in the 1970’s while racing Cross Country in Alberta, and recall one epic scrap we had at the 1976 Moose Mountain Two Day. - Dean was on a 250 Husky while I was on an IT 400  and after the race he told me that he could not believe how quickly I managed to get the big Blue Yam through the trees. - Dean eventually passed me, to finish 5th overall while I was 6th & 3rd open bike. - That was one of the best times I had racing as Dean had such a great sense of humor - at one point on the first day, I was “Bull dogging” the big Yam down a very steep hill leading to the river, when I heard Dean yelling at me for being so cautious ( I won’t say what he said) Anyway - he came sliding past completely out of control - down the slope into the river in a big heap BUT we were both laughing so hard it’s a wonder no other riders managed to get past us.

In later years, while I was still traveling,  we sold a lot of Opti Oil to his Shop in Lethbridge, and we always had a chat remembering old times, I once bought a mint 1974 TY 250 while visiting, Dean said he knew that I would want it and kept it in a corner.

Our condolences go to his family and friends in the Lethbridge Club. RIP buddy.

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