Friday April 30th 2021

We had a message from somebody asking what Outlaw TRAILsport was - a  clearing trails type of business??  - Have to say that this person should have known better at his age - or maybe he was just “Spoofing” me - but it has long been a misspelled  word for the general public. - Even my Bank seem to think that we have got the “i” before the “a'’ by mistake Grrrrrrr.

Here is a shot I took of Steve Saunders at the 1992 Scottish - likely one of the worst years for rain, with the creeks all in full flood.- Steve was on an Aprilia that year, and I recall thinking that he didn’t look that comfortable on it compared to the other bikes he rode in his long career. ( He is now doing a fabulous job as the UK TRS Importer)
No photo description available.


This is another Scottish pic showing winner Roy Peplow on the Triumph 200cc cub being watched by an Official as he stops between two white lines marked on the road. - Does anybody know what this was all about? maybe a good quiz for “old timers”

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, motorcycle and outdoors


May be an image of 2 people, motorcycle and text that says 'Dougie Lampkin World Trials Champion Castr Born 17/03/76 Silsden, England.'==========================================>

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The PNWMA just announced the cancellation of all races prior to September - I’m certainly looking forward to returning to the track once its safe to do so.


Check out this interview with Jonny Walker as he heads into the first race of the season with his new private Beta team.…/jonny-walker-going-it…/


Another call today from somebody looking for Sherco parts - this time a shifter shaft for an Enduro -  we are getting a lot of calls these days for both Gas Gas and Sherco, Enduro bikes - so makes us believe parts are hard to get.     ( We carried Sherco from 1999 - 2011 - Gasser from 1993-2005)


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