Sunday May 2nd 2021

Dennis Sweeten of Portland and a good buddy of Stan Bakgaard- at the 2017 Pre 65 Scottish -  Notice how he is using the bank to get around this corner.
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This is a page from the Trial Mag: article on John Lampkin - The Beta TR34 was one of those “Break-through” models that changed how things were done in the sport when Jordi arrived on the “Scene”
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In normal times - this would have been the scene in Scotland - Maybe next year ??
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Trials events are a “Thinking Man’s (or ladies) Sport” - Top riders will always take a “Planned dab” in a a difficult section where they might otherwise struggle for a “Three or Five” - Here is Christian Desnoyers doing just that on his SWM.
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Weather is a bit more like April with showers this past few days - but of course better than the late season snow that they have had in Alberta and other places.

We will have a visit today with one of our TRS customers from Williams Lake, who is in the Valley - like most people we have not seen any of our regular Trials group for many months, However staying safe is the only logical thing to do in these strange times.


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