Monday May 3rd 2021

We hope everybody had a good weekend - the weather was really nice yesterday and the sun hot enough to leave some traces of sunburn.

Alec Harding was in the Valley so we took him out for a ride - Social distancing  of course - Al bought one of our first TRS models, a nice 250. Plus he likes his Wulf riding gear.


A shot of Mick Andrews from the 1973 Hurst Cup in Ireland - this was the first time for the Helmet rule to come into effect, so Mick chose one from the Horse Jumping stable. - The report says the event was very muddy with lots of marks lost.
May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


I see that Australian Jack Miller won the Moto GP race in Spain for Ducati, when the leading Yamaha ran into  problems with just 5 laps to go.


I got home yesterday afternoon just in time to see a young Mexican driver win his first Indy Car race - must say the new design has these cars looking more like fighter jets on wheels.


Somebody just posted this old copy from the 1975 ISDT in the Isle of Man - I think Turk might have been on the Canadian Team that year - that was the year we hosted the first ever Canadian World Trial at Bragg Creek.


Here is a pic of Stan taken by Dave Butler in Scotland - Although Stan was entered to ride last year and then again this year - because of Covid - those “Canny” Scotchmen still have his money!!!
No photo description available.

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Jitsie | Vlog SSDT 2019 - episode 6 featuring Dougie Lampkin, Benoit Dagnicourt and Jan Peters Jitsie Jitsie • 13K views 1 year ago

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