Wednesday June 2nd 2021

I saw this posted and just had to share it - lovely old Norton with the proud owner all decked out in Vintage race gear.
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I guess you could caption this old pic of Bernie Schreiber  - “The way we were”  as he is using the  “Body Lean” popular many years ago - the Yanks called it “Body English” - I think it was Mick Andrews who invented the wide -legged stance that is now used by everybody.
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This is Doug Nimmo trying out the TRS Goldie   in a Gully section - another month & this will be all dry. ( maybe  sooner, after this hot week)
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And here he is posing with my 2021 Evo 300SS - ( This is a REALLY nice bike)

Another weekend shot this one shows Brian McNeal getting some practice in on his new TRS -

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Tomoyuki Ogawa won the 2nd round of the Japanese championship … already taking a good lead in the Championship.
1 Tomoyuki Ogawa Honda 30
2 Fumitaka Nozaki Yamaha 52
3 Kenichi Kuroyama Yamaha 58
4 Akira Shibata Vertigo 60
5 Takeshi Ogawa Beta 61
6 Masaya Ushikawa Honda 72
flashback - how many can you name?
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