Thursday June 3rd 2021

Steve Holcombe (Beta) blitzed both races last weekend at Hawkstone - beating out Billy Bolt - Amazing that this Park is still being used after so many years - I first went to a “Scramble” there in 1955. - They still run lots of top notch MX races, plus they have held at least two or three World Trials at this location ( I attended the 2005 event)
Steve Holcombe rules Hawkstone Park Fast Eddy after epic battle with Bolt and Edmondson

Looking back to how some of the “Scrambles” turned out when the weather went bad !!
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Who remembers these wheels on the Merlin? Luis Gallach is shown leaping  very close to a Photographer. -  Merlin were purchased by Gas Gas, and we all know how that ended up. - The wheels were “Banned'’ by the FIM as being dangerous to “minders”  trying to catch bikes !!!
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So with Laia Sanz making a return to World Trials this year - I wonder how she will do against the current Queen of the Sport - Emma Bristow?  Shown here with a badly dented header pipe on the Sherco. ( Credit to David Chapman for the pic)


A reminder that the CPTA have a Trial scheduled this weekend at Ioco  - details on their site - no spectators.

Also this poster just came up.

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The Revvy club are hosting some Riding clinics - with Emily Roberts coaching the ladies - sounds like an awesome chance to learn from a gal who certainly knows how to ride everything from Trials bikes to big street bikes plus Enduro.

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One last pic that Heath took at the British Championship Trial last weekend - a great shot of Chris Stay on the TRS, but notice who the main sponsor was for the event “WULFSPORT”May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, dirt bike and outdoors


We will caption this - “What if?” - it shows Scott Head jumping off a ledge back in the days of twin shocks - you will notice a part has come flying off his Italjet - either a shifter or brake as they were on different sides  back then. - So the question is ” I wonder how many of these young super stars  of today, ever check over their bike before they hurl themselves at a big wall or try a back flip? - We all know things do come loose and if rear spokes are not checked it can cause a hub failure ( and an instant stop) - Just saying!!!!

May be an image of motorcycle, dirt bike and text that says 'Scott Head abandons traction to leap over the undercut dropoff into this 1982 El Trial de Espana section.'

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