Saturday June 5th 2021

I sure have missed riding at Summerland this year - likely my favorite spot, and the place we hosted the Outlaw Trial for most of 25 years. -But due to the Covid thing I just haven’t been down that way. - This shot was taken by Josef a few years ago, when we were out on the TRS bikes.  - check out the nice bluebells so it must have been in June and the location would be at the Moose Antler  Horns, on route to the Brown Memorial.
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Another “Flashback” - this time it’s a nice pic of Britta also out in Summerland  taking a break  out on the  ” back 40″ trail. - check out the old Ellgren jersey, and Wulf riding gloves - We have a full selection of Wulf Trials gear in all colors & sizes, and all at very good prices.
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A KTM pic of Trystan Hart winning what they are  calling the “Mad Moose” hard Enduro -  Moose was certainly hard enough the times that I rode it in the 1970’s with only a handful of finishers at any of the “Moose Mountain Cross Country races” in Alberta.
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Quiz for today - Can anyone name this Brit Scrambling on a Husky ?  Hint - He was a World Champion.

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=====================================> Hurst Cup Trial 1983


This could be a future World Champion - young Dan Hemmingway on the very trick Beta Evo 125.
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