Sunday June 6th 2021 “D DAY”


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This post on FB had some great photographs of  James Edwards - but unfortunately they had zipped off into cyber space when I clicked back.

Royal Canadian Air Force 

Three cheers for Stocky!
Wing Commander (Ret’d) James “Stocky” Edwards, a WWII veteran, conservationist, and accomplished fighter pilot, is celebrating his 100th birthday today in Comox, B.C.
Stocky joined the #RCAF in 1940, training on Tiger Moths and Harvards. Shortly thereafter, he was flying P-40 Kitty Hawks in North Africa on the Western Desert Campaign. During his first operational mission he downed a German Messerschmitt 109 at just 21 years of age. He continued to fly many more successful missions, and eventually earned the title of Canada’s highest-scoring ace in the Western Desert Campaign.
Just five months after the end of the campaign, Stocky continued flying operational missions, this time in Italy on Spitfires as the Squadron Commander in 274 RAF Squadron. It was with 274 Squadron that Stocky helped protect Allied forces on D-Day. In 1945, Stocky was posted to 127 RCAF Wing as the Wing Commander until the end of the war. He continued to serve in the RCAF and, in 1950, lead the 1st Sabre Squadron overseas and retired in 1972 after flying Vampires, Sabres, and CF-100s both in Canada and overseas.
Stocky attributes his successes as a fighter pilot to his upbringing in rural Saskatchewan, where he learned to hunt with his father. Throughout his many years of military service, his appreciation for the outdoors has been constant. After his retirement from the RCAF, Stocky has continued to serve by supporting conservation efforts.
The only thing that I remember from D Day, is that they put out tables in the streets with food and goodies for the kids, with lots of flags waving - I would have been 8 years old.
Here is a special pic for Walter - a nice Fantic shot.

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All Trials competition at whatever level requires the utmost concentration and effort to succeed - just look at the expression on Adam Raga’s face, while being watched intently by Toni Bou - The word on Toni is that he is out practicing ready for the first World Round next weekend, it remains to be seen how his broken leg holds up. ( I doubt he will be doing anymore Africa Twin Stunts for a while)
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There is no doubt that the TRS Xtrack has been the most sought after bike for us this year, and yes we are still waiting !! Here is a pic of me on the 300 non-estart model last year.
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