Monday June 7th 2021

We often get asked the question “Where do you ride in the Okanagan?”  - and the answer is that we have ridden all over from North to South in the years past, and have some great memories of cutting out & clearing many spots, in order to host Trials events.

The pic below, shows one such great section up on Vernon Mountain - and perhaps only remembered by the riders who competed at our events back before they built a sub-division at the place we used to start from, on Hartnell Road.  -

The entrance to this Gully was and is, almost completely hidden by overhanging trees, and it was only when I parked the bike one day when out scouting with Paul Grundy, that we discovered it. ( Yes it’s still there)
Over the following weeks & months, we chainsawed trees out of the gully and flagged  about 4-5 sections up to the top ridge, where we followed an old forestry trail up to the top gravel road, finding more brilliant natural sections along the way. -

Later Adrian and myself cut a joining trail through the bush back to the bottom road, making for a wonderful loop. - Of course none of this area has been used for many years, and is in fact now privately owned.

- However, looking at some of these old pics, brings back memories, of the huge effort put in by some of our Trials riders, to create the natural loops which we think Trials should be all about. -

We will try to find more pics from the great area we had at East Kelowna - where we hosted many events including  some National Trials - that was before the Mountain bikes got it designated a Provincial Park and before it all burned down in the 2003 Big Forest Fire ( Poetic Justice - I called that)
No photo description available.


Of course in later years, we moved our Outlaw Trial to the Summerland area, which I was first introduced to by Neil Mandeville and Ted Pepperdine in 1987. - We were super impressed by this area. with the Mountainous climbs and neat forest deer trails and we did in fact host the Outlaw Trial and others at this location for about 20 years.

The pic below shows Turk Perepulkin, Shane and maybe Dean Forsey ? - with my bike in the foreground - Turk had just picked up an Evo 200 from us the day before, so we took him out for a ride - check out the wild flowers a wonderful sight in this area.  Turk just forwarded this pic to me as a reminder of another great day in the Valley.
No description available.


Sunday we stayed home - watched some stuff  on D DAY -  followed later by golf - which proved to be quite the match up between Cantlay and the Japanese  guy Collin ? - This after the overnight leader - had to withdraw, after testing positive for Covid 19. A real shame as he was having his best game ever.


Congrats to Sean Bird who won the CPTA Trial at Ioco yesterday - we will watch for other news and results.
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and outdoors


And  the first Sidecar win for Steve Saunders at the weekend, with his daughter Izzy in the “Chair”

May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and outdoors

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