Wednesday June 9th 2021

Today is quite a special, as it was on this date back in 1962, that Babsy and myself got married - lots of water under the bridge since then with many happy memories. - Happy Anniversary  Sweetheart.


Check out this story on Fujigas - who starts another year of riding World Trials next weekend at age 41. - I think I saw him for the first time in 1995 at the UK World Round - have some video somewhere in my files.
Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial: Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial: “con 41 años quiero saber dónde puedo llegar” Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial de trial con Montesa: “con 41 años quiero saber dónde puedo llegar”


Pic of Jim Snell unloading  his shipment of TRS bikes so ours can’t be far away from Vancouver now can they?
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Below is a shot of Mick on the Yam at the 1975 FIM Trial at Bragg Creek Alberta. and with the Ossa and Bernie Scheiber.
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The OSSA Mick Andrews Replica, better known as MAR or M.A.R. (and often referred to simply as “Mick Andrews”), it was a trial motorcycle model manufactured by OSSA between 1972 and 1977. Throughout its commercial life, four versions were produced, all with the following general characteristics: and separate filter caps in white with green stripes, two-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine (initially 244 cc and then 310 cc), double cradle frame, drum brakes and conventional fork shock absorbers front and telescopic rear .
The MAR owes its name to Mick Andrews, the best trial driver of the time and one of the most remembered in the history of this sport, as it was an exact replica of the prototype that English had been developing since of 1967 in close collaboration with the engineer Eduard Giró (a prototype with which Andrews had won until 1971 two editions of the Six Days of Scotland Trial and a European Championship). In 1972, already piloting a MAR like the one in the shops, Andrews repeated victory in Scotland and the European Championship. At the end of the season, however, he accepted a million-dollar offer from Yamaha and left OSSA, leaving behind a long period during which he contributed greatly to increasing the popularity of the Spanish brand in Europe
A nice “Promo” shot of Matteo Gratarolla on his Factory Beta - he is the current World Champ in the T2 Category. - He will face stiff opposition at the first World Round this weekend.
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The other day we posted a shot of all the Bultaco Trials models from the past - here is a similar one showing the rival Montesa bikes from that era - before they were bought by Honda. Below you see a pic of Stan when he rode the 200 Monty.
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Yesterday we enjoyed a nice visit with Emily Roberts of Motorcycle Mojo - she was in town picking up her KTM after getting some work done on it. - Emily always has a ton of stories to tell and is  a pleasure to have stop by - after a cup of tea - we showed her the latest bikes in the shop and talked Trials for a bit, before she headed back to Revvy - Today she flies down East for a three week stay with her Mum & Dad, who run the Magazine . - Watch out for more news on “Super Gal” in the coming weeks.
Here is nice pic of Emily when she was in town picking up a BMW to test for the Motorcycle Mojo Mag:
No description available.
We have also heard from Britta, another one of our Trials gals -( We posted a pic of her a few days ago)   she says she had a fall and broke a rib earlier this year, but is now recuperating  and back at work Tree-Planting.

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