Friday June 11th 2021

We have posted this pic of Sammy before - it took a lot of courage to drop off big walls like that on the old bikes, when brakes were poor. - I used to practice at a local spot on the outskirts of Calgary back in the early 70’s, which had such a wall. - It took a very long time before I finally had the nerve to ride it -                           I had a  de-compressor on my Sherpa T which helped  but it was definitely a scary moment - I was also by myself ( not a good idea) - Of course these days there would be people all round taking video on their phones!!
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I was chatting  with somebody the other day, about the History of Trials and how both the sport and the bikes have changed. - ( Not for the better in many ways)   - One aspect of this conversation was in regard to the mistaken belief that modern Trials bikes are easy to ride and great for people to learn on!!  -

Well! I can tell you that putting a newbie on a modern 300 is a bit like putting them on a bucking bronco, at the Calgary Stampede.
The fact is that the latest, light, very powerful bikes, accelerate  so quickly, that any new rider can soon find themselves sitting on the ground, while the bike goes flying off into the distance. - It is maybe a North American thing, that people think they need a big bore, when in fact the small capacity bikes, are by far easier to ride.
Perhaps the best thing fitted to most of the new bikes these days, is the Tether switch, a safety device that can cut out the motor and save big dollars caused by run-a-way machines.

Naturally, the best place to buy and learn about the sport, is with a Trials dealer,  as these are usually riders themselves and understand just how quick these bikes are, plus they know what is the best size machine for the first time Trials rider.
I guess one of the big problems, is the perception  by many people, that Trials bikes are just “Phoo-phoo” bikes  and unfortunately without the proper instruction, many new customers end up scaring themselves to death and sell the bike very quickly.

Because of this, we always recommend taking a Learn -to -ride course, with somebody like Sammy King, or at least go out with somebody experienced who can teach the “baby steps” required to enjoy both the new Trials bike and the great outdoors.

The fact is, Trials bikes used to sell in far greater numbers when they had a seat, simply because a large percentage were just used as trail bikes, and yes back then, the bikes were way more docile than they are now.

The general public have never really understood what Trials bikes are all about - and the ones looking for that easy to ride trail-bike  have been wooed, by the new Enduro bikes with electric start and after-market clutches.

It was only when many of the World Trials stars switched to Enduro and won just about everything, that Trials bikes and Trials techniques got renewed attention, the racer crowd began to buy used Trials bikes to learn how to ride, difficult obstacles and terrain, something that Trials riders have been doing since the turn of the Century.

This had many people commenting ” Trials is booming isn’t it?” - Sadly this is not the case at all, and as long as the sport is viewed on U tube and other media outlets as a stunt show - bike sales will remain small. (IMHO)
This past season, we have noticed a large interest in the new TRS Xtrack model, especially as it now comes with an electric start - we are not at all surprised by this, as these bikes fill the gap between the Competition only, stripped down models, and the Enduro bikes which are much taller and heavier.

It remains to be seen how Canadian Trials will move ahead when this Pandemic is over - but one thing is for sure, we are in a very small specialized market - The Japanese found that out to their cost in the 1970’s.

The good thing, is that Trials riders are probably more passionate about their sport than most - they don’t really care if few people understand it.

Still on the new bike theme - as most people have noticed - the prices on the new Trials bikes have sky-rocketed over the past few years - check out the  UK advert below for a reality check.

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And a pic to whet the appetite of all my Xtrack customers. This one taken in Italy.
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