Monday March 4th/24

Answer to the Sunday quiz – Bill Sparks or Sparky Bill as he is known – Bob and Brett Clark surprised me with a very quick correct answer. Quiz today Guess who? =================================== The TRS – “Jordi’s Bike” available in Trial or Trail call Outlaw Dave for more info – We understand Trials. ================================= Nice… Continue reading Monday March 4th/24

Sunday March 3rd/24

Well we got quite a lot of answers in to the Saturday blog quiz – Yes That pic is of Mr “RAC” John Reynolds easily recognized because he always had a chin guard on his Trials helmet. So in order of posting – Neil Carter, Pete Varey, Brett Clark, Bob Clark John Kitchener , Harlow… Continue reading Sunday March 3rd/24

Saturday March 2nd/24

We hope all the Taffy’s out there had a great St David’s day – Babsy took this pic of me wearing the cap she brought back from Wales , and the nice Hall of Fame Jacket we just got. It was warm enough to sit out on the back deck. =================================== So the first we… Continue reading Saturday March 2nd/24

Friday March 1st/24

ST DAVID’S DAY IN WALES Yes today is one to remember if you are of Welsh Heritage – we always get a bit home-sick on this day, as it brings back so many memories. It’s interesting to recall that the Bungalow we lived in while growing up, was called “St David’s” – Perhaps it’s the… Continue reading Friday March 1st/24

Thursday February 29th/24

Well you won’t see this date on our blog for another 4 years ( if I’m still around) Yes it’s Leap year. Regular readers will have noticed we did not have a quiz question yesterday – or the answer to the previous one – Well the rider in that pic, is none other than Mountain… Continue reading Thursday February 29th/24

Wednesday February 28th/24

Well ! We just checked the calendar, and realized that 2024 is a “leap year” – so February has an extra day. (29th tomorrow) Therefore today we remember my eldest brother Don, who would have been 92 today – he passed away last November. – Always an avid flier – here he is in a… Continue reading Wednesday February 28th/24

Tuesday February 27th/24

Birthday Greetings today to Mrs Mountain Motorcycle -Janis Clark Hope you have a great day Janis. Answer to the Monday quiz – the one and only Jordi Tarres on a Beta TR33 – correct answers from Brett & Harlow. – plus Bob Clark. Quiz today – A pic I took at one of our National… Continue reading Tuesday February 27th/24

Monday February 26th/24

Answer to the Sunday quiz – Peter Stirland on a Royal Enfield in Scotland – Did you know that Royal Enfield were the first Bike Manufacturer to bring out the new ”swing arm” rear suspension? Pete Varey surprised us by getting the correct answer. Quiz today – Name the rider?? ============================== Birthday Greetings today go… Continue reading Monday February 26th/24

Sunday February 25th/24

Answer to the Saturday quiz Peter Jahn – from Finland – no correct answer ( but it was a toughie) Here is another quiz – I doubt anyone will get this either – except Peter from OZ, because he sent me the pic asking if I knew who it was – because I’m an old… Continue reading Sunday February 25th/24

Saturday February 24th/24

Well nobody got the quiz yesterday – but it was a difficult one – The Dot rider in the photo is none other than John Shirt Snr – better known as the Importer for both Yamaha and Gas Gas into the UK. Plus of course builder of the very popular “Majesty” bikes Quiz today Guess… Continue reading Saturday February 24th/24