Sunday July 14th/24

Here we are half way through July and the heatwave is still hitting us in the OK Valley – Yesterday I was up early and out in the shop at 5am cleaning up the Opti Oil spill from the day before – luckily the kitty litter did it’s job so no real damage – got… Continue reading Sunday July 14th/24

Saturday July 13th/24

Answer to the Friday quiz – Philippe Berlattier – otherwise known as “The Bear” perhaps because of his fight with the big German Checker at a World Round !! Philippe is now the French Importer for TRS and supports the Series both World and in France. This was not an easy one to guess because… Continue reading Saturday July 13th/24

Friday July 12th/24

Like many of our bloggers, we often click onto the various video clips and also study the pics we have taken at our local events. – it wasn’t until 1985 that Steve Day introduced me to the new style of riding, using the clutch and front brake – something we never did back in the… Continue reading Friday July 12th/24

Thursday July 11th/24

As we start our post today, we can’t help but wonder how bad the fire near Peachland has grown – they say that this was caused by lightning – but with the super hot weather it’s a real concern – I think we went riding in that area many years ago. As posted elsewhere we… Continue reading Thursday July 11th/24

Wednesday July 10th/24

Right another scorcher – took this shot of the thermometer on our back deck at 11am yesterday – this in the shade! – Later it was +41 at 6pm At 6pm. Obviously with this very hot spell, we try to get any work done early in the morning – yesterday we shipped off a bunch… Continue reading Wednesday July 10th/24

Tuesday July 9th/24.

As many may have noticed, our land line was not working yesterday – it was a new customer from Invermere who let us know about this . This proved to be very frustrating as the Telus help line really doesn’t help at all – just repeats stuff without any answers. – It wasn’t until our… Continue reading Tuesday July 9th/24.

Monday July 8th/24

Answer to the last quiz – Ulf Karlsson – (rip) he won the World Championship once – I remember he took a tumble on one of our steep downhills at the 1975 FIM World Trial in Alberta.- Only Harlow got it. Quiz Today – Guess who ====================================== As forecast it was a very hot day… Continue reading Monday July 8th/24

Sunday July 7th/24

Answer to the last quiz – Roy Peplow on the Triumph Cub. -Bob Clark was first in followed by brother Brett. and Peter from OZ. Quiz today – Who is this? ===================================== Hot in the Valley, so I stayed indoors with the a/c on – I did watch some video clips various from both Trials… Continue reading Sunday July 7th/24

Saturday July 6th/24

Answer to the Friday quiz – Mick Andrews complete with “Permed” hair – Brett and Harlow plus Roger got in quickly. – It seems Mick is still riding a few Classic Trials plus doing some schools, so obviously still keeping fit. He spends a lot of time with wife Jill – in Spain. ========================================= I… Continue reading Saturday July 6th/24

Friday July 5th/24

Hot Hot Hot – that kinda sums things up for this weekend!! – so with the temperature supposed to be 35 in the Valley on Sunday – We will NOT be out riding – as much as we would like to be. ====================================== Answer to the July 4th quiz – that is Ross – on… Continue reading Friday July 5th/24