Monday December 4th/23

An old Advert for Castrol printed in the British weekly Motorcycling Magazine – Did you know that Burmah Castrol of the UK – bought the German Optimol factory about 25 years ago? We have always imported our Optimol ( called just Opti) from Interlube International USA -(Since 1987) who make the product under license. =================================… Continue reading Monday December 4th/23

Sunday December 3rd/23

Answer to the Saturday Quiz – Steve Colley -(Beta) section is Craig Lundie – at the 1992 Scottish Six Days — Stan got it correct. ( He is in California today) – He emailed to say he had a good ride at that section in 2013 but not so good in 2017. Steve Troupe posted… Continue reading Sunday December 3rd/23

Saturday December 2nd/23

Yes we had the first snowfall on our front yard yesterday. It all melted pretty quick and we can only hope that the Ski hills up top get more. Answer to the quiz from yesterday – Not easy from the pic – The rider is Neil Carter – long time trials promotor in Ontario. on… Continue reading Saturday December 2nd/23

Friday December 1st/23

We saw this printed on FB – and thought it quite funny, but sadly it also hosts a lot of truth. Lee Kay The issue is quite a misunderstanding. When motorcycles were 100 kg and had basically on/off clutches a “stop” was in reality a “stuck.” The bike and rider were stuck and thus it… Continue reading Friday December 1st/23

Thursday-November 30th/23

Wow ! the last day of the month – that sure seemed to go quickly. We just saw this posted by Jordi and we think it shows the change in thinking and understanding of what the sport of Trials is all about. TRRS SCHOOL EXPANDS INTERNATIONALLY IN 2024 The TRRS SCHOOL was presented at the… Continue reading Thursday-November 30th/23

Wednesday November 29th /23

Sometimes Emily tests some great bikes for Motorcycle Mojo – but her favorite is her Beta Evo 200 Trials bike. -Then other times she has to ride a real “Camel” ( That’s what Sammy Miller called the 1950’s Ariel Scrambler.) Answer to the Tuesday quiz – Bob Johns – Editor of the Website “Trials Canada”… Continue reading Wednesday November 29th /23

Tuesday November 28th/23

Below is one of the last Sammy Miller Catalogues we got – these were much improved over the years, as Sam got a bit more professional. – We never did deal with the new owners. And this pic below is one of me scrambling back in 1957 !! And We’re still here !!!!!!! ============================================ We… Continue reading Tuesday November 28th/23

Monday November 27th/23

Answer to the Sunday quiz – Bernie Schreiber a Watkins Glen World Round on an SWM – Correctly guessed by the usual crew. ( Pic by Steve Troupe) ======================================= Looks like they had a good turn out for the VMC Trial yesterday. =========================================== Interesting old article featuring Ralph Venables ========================================== The last week of November… Continue reading Monday November 27th/23

Sunday November 26th/23

We hope you are all enjoying your weekend – which for most of us Out West is still without snow. – However we did have to change our plans on Saturday, because of overnight snow at a new location near Kelowna, that we have been asked to check out ( All private and possible area… Continue reading Sunday November 26th/23

Saturday November 25th/23

A buddy emailed asking if the Costa Brava was mainly filled with old guys in the entry list.- Well I saw this pic and can tell you from experience ! old guys can never wave their legs around like that !!! – Quiz for today – who is this rider? Answer to the Friday quiz… Continue reading Saturday November 25th/23