Tuesday April 22nd/24

Happy St Georges Day to all our ENGLISH friends Answer to the Monday quiz – Malcolm Rathmell on a Triumph cub – only one correct guess – Harlow Rankin. Quiz today – You can see who this rider is – but where did I take this photo of him?? and what year. ========================================== Emma Bristow… Continue reading Tuesday April 22nd/24

Monday April 22nd/24

We heard that the Team Squid /Outlaw trial went well at Ioco yesterday, with 30 riders entered – Here are the top Results in each class – Please note some names may not be spelled correctly due to these having been hand written. – We also have no record of what machines riders were on… Continue reading Monday April 22nd/24

Sunday April 21st/24

Answer to the Saturday quiz – Brian Martin -boss at BSA back in the day and a good Trials rider – nobody got this ( except Peter from OZ who sent me the pic) Quiz today guess who. ========================================== Here is a pic of the very talented Belanger family from Quebec, who are hosting a… Continue reading Sunday April 21st/24

Saturday April 20th/24

Yesterday we delivered Ross Rathbone his new 2024 Beta Factory 300 – this is the 18th Beta he has bought from us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As most people know Ross has been hosting the Outlaw Trial for many years, and has built a wonderful Trials area at his Magna Bay location. We would like to thank Ross… Continue reading Saturday April 20th/24

Friday April 19th/24

Answer to the Thursday quiz – top pic – Marcus Buhrig -Steve Richardson – Taff – Terry Bainbridge. – bottom pic Amos Bilbao. Today we are posting a pictorial of our 2007 ride up Joss Mountain – As most of our regular readers know, we first made this difficult climb back in 2004, up the… Continue reading Friday April 19th/24

Thursday April 18th/24

Below is a good quiz question -for our Western readers – name the riders and the place plus the year. Below is an interesting pic that shows me on the very first Gas Gas we bought from Don Clark – It had been used by Andreu Codina for a School at Ioco. in 1993 –… Continue reading Thursday April 18th/24

Wednesday April 17th/24

Answer to the Tuesday quiz – quite an easy one – Mart Lampkin on the Sherpa T – as usual Brett was in first, but John Kitch, Nick Hellings, Bob Clark, Harlow and Steve ORorke were also quick in with this. Quiz today – Who and where??? =============================== A classic shot of riders “walking the… Continue reading Wednesday April 17th/24

Tuesday April 16th/24

Answer to the last quiz – the famous Walt Healy – a pic I took of him at the Scottish Six Days in 1992 – I saw the old Norton and thought it would make a good shot – However the copy I posted was of poor quality. The section nearby was Chairlift and as… Continue reading Tuesday April 16th/24

Monday April 15th/24

Answer to the last quiz – Bernie Schreiber on his SWM – Brett was in first as usual. – then John Kitchener – no other correct responses Quiz today – Who is this? and Where? ============================ We have seen little coverage so far of the NATC Trial at the weekend except that as expected Toby… Continue reading Monday April 15th/24

Sunday April 14th/24

Answer to the Saturday quiz – Sammy Miller and a young Bernie Schreiber – Sammy was teaching a Trials school in the States. Brett & Bob both got it – as did Roger Boothroyd Quiz today. Who is this high flyer? ============================================ I see that Toby Martyn won the first day at the NATC Trial… Continue reading Sunday April 14th/24