Friday February 23rd/24

Well Brett Clark was so quick with the Quiz answer yesterday, I hardly had time to hit “post” button. – The rider was Pete Smith a brilliant Trials rider – we had some good battles in Alberta Trials, but Pete always won. Later he built very special sidecar outfits, which he sold World wide –… Continue reading Friday February 23rd/24

Thursday February 22nd/24

Answer to the last quiz – John Jones Ex pat who last we heard was living in Toronto – Pic taken at the 1971 National Trial we hosted at Bragg Creek – Big entry – Big Snow !! John won on his Manly Kawasaki special, which managed to get around the loop in spite of… Continue reading Thursday February 22nd/24

Wednesday February 21st/24

Well not surprisingly – the first guy to post the the correct answer to the Tuesday quiz – was Brett Clark – After all the pic is of him at one of our Classic Outlaw Trials in Summerland riding his Sherpa T. However Jay Colley was also in quick as was Harlow – A reminder… Continue reading Wednesday February 21st/24

Tuesday February 20th/24

Answer to the Monday Quiz – our own Stanly Bakgaard riding in Scotland – I think the section is Trotter’s Burn – and the pic was taken by John Kitchener. – Brett was first in. Quiz today – Who and when at what event?? ===================================== I see Daniel Blanc Gonnet (USA) has announced he is… Continue reading Tuesday February 20th/24

Monday February 19th/24

Well yesterday was a real “Pajama Day” Got up late and just goofed off all day – watched the Golf on the box, which I find interesting at this level – although as one Canadian said when interviewed – he thinks the big money ( 20 million at this one) has spoiled the game!!! Perhaps… Continue reading Monday February 19th/24

Sunday February 19th/24

Well nobody guessed the Saturday quiz – The Rider is Ken Ristamake who now lives in Kimberly BC – but rode Trials down East for many years. – Ken came to some of our Trials he had a Sherco we sold him, but don’t think he rides anymore – I bought a TY 175 from… Continue reading Sunday February 19th/24

Saturday February 17th/24

As we head into the long “Family day” weekend – we hope everybody manages to get out in the fresh air – I’m sure the Ski bums will make the most of the recent snow up on the hills, all good of course as everybody worries about the upcoming fire season. Answer to the Friday… Continue reading Saturday February 17th/24

Friday February 16th/24

Answer to the Thursday quiz – Thore Evertson from Sweden riding an Ossa – First correct response came from Peter in OZ followed by Bob and Harlow then Roger also got it correct. – Although I didn’t ask this – John Kitchener emailed to say the section was Edramucky – quite famous in the day,… Continue reading Friday February 16th/24

Thursday February 15th/24

Good news – we managed to get our email “Sending” working again – bit frustrating for an old guy – but finally managed to fix the problem – But not sure for how long!!! will keep posting on here if we run into more issues ======================================= Answer to the Wednesday quiz – The “Love birds”… Continue reading Thursday February 15th/24

Wednesday February 14th/24

Happy Valentines Day to all you Lovers – Here is mine since 1959. And a Valentines Quiz today – Who are these two love birds? =========================================== First item today is to mention that once again my email is acting up – I am receiving messages, but can’t answer for some reason – hopefully will be… Continue reading Wednesday February 14th/24