Sunday January 14th/24

Not surprisingly, – nobody guessed the quiz on Saturday – The rider is Hugh Viney – top man at AJS and the one who hired a young Mick Andrews. Quiz for today – Who is this rider? being watched by Tony Scarlett Here are some interesting results from a British World round A clean sweep… Continue reading Sunday January 14th/24

Saturday January 13th/24

Answer to the Friday quiz – Arthur and Alan (Sid) Lampkin correct answers from Brett and Harlow. and later Stan !! – Stan noted that they were not wearing any of the dazzling multi colored riding gear with sponsorship patches everywhere!! which seem common today. Here is a story in MCN from 1964 that tells… Continue reading Saturday January 13th/24

Friday January 12th/24

Baby it’s cold outside!! brrrr – but maybe we are all getting a bit soft? Back on March 3rd 1965 – Babsy, and myself, along with baby Helen, arrived at midnight in Calgary with the temperature listed at -20 F . As has been reported before, my first thoughts as we exited the plane (… Continue reading Friday January 12th/24

Thursday January 11th/24

So this weekend is the Dougie Lampkin Indoor Trial at Sheffield -He has all the top riders signed up, including Adam Raga on his new Sherco ride – but most fans will be rooting for Toby Martyn plus Harry Hemmingway. Also happening this weekend is the Vancouver (Tradex) Show – but sadly it appears my… Continue reading Thursday January 11th/24

Wednesday January 10th/24

As most people know the not very well kept secret of Adam Raga for 2024 – has now been published we wish him well ( Nice to see his bike will have a carby) ============================================ In other Industry news George Casales has jumped ship from Scorpa and will head up a private TRS Team –… Continue reading Wednesday January 10th/24

Tuesday January 9th/24

Answer to the Monday quiz – Terry Porter -Harlow -Jack Chant and Stan -got this one. It was Terry that I first met when I joined the Calgary Motorcycle Club back in 1969 and he told me that yes the club did hold a few Trials, as did both the Lethbridge and Edmonton clubs. –… Continue reading Tuesday January 9th/24

Monday January 8th/24

We hope that most of our readers got out at the weekend either riding or just taking in the fresh air – For this old guy – I’m afraid it was a lazy day, just watching TV – The Super X from Stateside, was on which I found quite interesting – has to be the… Continue reading Monday January 8th/24

Sunday January 7th/24

Well the forecaster’s were right, and we did get a dump of snow yesterday but at least it wasn’t as bad as this pic from 2015 shows on this day. ============================================ It was a big night in France for Britain’s Toby Martyn – who managed to beat World Champ Toni Bou at the French Invitational… Continue reading Sunday January 7th/24

Saturday January 6th/24

Well after making a quick trip to Ace Courier yesterday to ship Opti Oil – I got home in time to watch the last couple of periods of the Junior World Hocky Junior game – Not that I’m a Hocky fan, but at this level it is pretty intense and all the different Countries involved.… Continue reading Saturday January 6th/24

Friday January 5th/24

Bit late getting to the blog today – I had quite a busy day yesterday – I had to make a trip to Salmon Arm – so slept in – But again the view from my office window this morning, shows no snow!! While this is great for us in the Valley at least they… Continue reading Friday January 5th/24