Tuesday February 13th/24

Without a doubt, the Motorcycle Press in the UK and to a maybe less degree in other parts of the world was almost a “Life-line” to keen off road Motorcycle riders in all aspects of the sport back in the day. Check out his answers – we know its a bit of a gimmick –… Continue reading Tuesday February 13th/24

Monday February 12th/24

Well yesterday certainly turned out to be a “Snow” day – and while it was light – it didn’t stop for most of the day – Hmmm ! Not that we should be surprised as it’s only February – I remember one year Barry & myself decided to put on a February Trial at Bear… Continue reading Monday February 12th/24

Sunday February 11th/24

Answer to the last quiz – Diego Bosis – Bob Clark was first in and only correct response. Quiz today – Who are these guys chatting at the Telford bike show in the UK? It would seem that the Telford Classic bike show – has become a full coverage show for modern MX and Trials… Continue reading Sunday February 11th/24

Saturday February 10th/24

Answer to the Friday quiz – Jamie McGregor from Ontario – the only correct response came from Pete Varey – who is a buddy of his!! the clue of #99 – referred to Wayne Gretsky who grew up in Jamie’s home town and that is why he wanted the #99 TRS Gold we had. Quiz… Continue reading Saturday February 10th/24

Friday February 9th/24

Answer to the Thursday quiz – Steve Saunders – rather surprisingly the first few people got this wrong – It was Bob Clark who got it correct. ( Steve did have his name on his jacket) Quiz today – Who is this rider? hint he is Canadian and now owns a #99 Gold TRS. ===================================… Continue reading Friday February 9th/24

Wednesday February 7th/24

Quiz for today – Who is this rider and where -on what bike? ============================================ Answer to the last quiz – Magical Mick – quite an easy one for most – but Pete Varey was first in very early. Here is another Heath Brindley shot from last weekend at the TRS factory Demo day – it… Continue reading Wednesday February 7th/24

Tuesday February 6th/24

Did you know that it was on this day in 1952 that King George 6th died? – Strange how some dates stick in your mind. – But this was also the date that one of my brothers joined the RAF. Quiz for today – Who is this rider ? Answer to the Monday quiz –… Continue reading Tuesday February 6th/24

Monday February 5th/24

Answer to the Sunday blog – Film stars – Lee Marvin, and Keenan Wyn. – with a Triumph cub – Correct answers from Roger Boothroyd. and Bob Clark – plus Pete Varey. -a few people guessed Lee Marvin – but not Keenan Wynne. The story goes, that Steve McQueen was out one day and saw… Continue reading Monday February 5th/24

Sunday February 4th/24

This will be a pretty awesome Trial put on by Adrian and Mandy Lewis – Good old style sections and a long loop. Scotty Douglass is with Mandy Lewis and 5 others in Valley Springs, CA, United States.   ยท  **CORRECTION**. BAC dates are February 17-19 (Sat-Mon) British American Cup is quickly approaching! Who plans to ride the Taste of the Scottish… Continue reading Sunday February 4th/24