Wednesday October 25th/23

QUIZ – Who is this rider?? I think everybody will recognize the guy below – riding the WTC National at Revvy, on the Outlaw Beta and wearing Wulf gear. Above we have Ross Rathbone (Outlaw Beta) and below a young Kolten Morrison (Outlaw Beta) ========================================= Here is Emily in Morocco – that’s quite a big… Continue reading Wednesday October 25th/23

Monday October 23rd/23

QUIZ FOR TODAY – Who is the Trials rider turned Journalist? answer to yesterday – Roy Peplow -with the Factory Triumph cub no correct answers to this one – a toughie. Scottish 2024 Entries now open !!! Below is a great shot of a Beta rider at an Ontario Trial – it appears they have… Continue reading Monday October 23rd/23

Sunday October 22nd /23

Well our planned ride at Summerland has failed to materialize so we will check out plan “B’ -well – I guess we are now onto plan “c” – maybe do some chores & watch the box!! ============================================ Quiz – Who is this rider?? – you can post your guess either below – or by email… Continue reading Sunday October 22nd /23

Saturday October 21st/23

Quiz – Who is the rider on what bike and where??? Is it really over seven years since Jordi unveiled his new bike to the public? So the Mountain bikers have now invaded the Holy Grail of Motorcycle Trials “The Scottish Six Days” – yes it seems they have scheduled a World Championship Downhill race… Continue reading Saturday October 21st/23

Friday October 20th/23

Good Morning Trials Fans !! Another weekend coming up, we hope you all get out for a ride and enjoy this fantastic time of the year. Yes we have plans – but will keep them a secret for now. We found these old Scott Trial results, which we think are really interesting – especially as… Continue reading Friday October 20th/23

Thursday October 19th/23

============================= With the 2023 Scott Trial now in the history books, we take time to look back at some memorabilia from the past – The poster with a pic of Steve Saunders, for the Welsh event in Taff’s backyard -and a Scott Certificate from 1950. I find it interesting that the FIM are now looking… Continue reading Thursday October 19th/23

Wednesday October 18th/23

====================================== Another glorious day in the OK Valley yesterday – and just to spice it up a bit, we had Mike our Day& Ross driver, stop by with a nice new 2023 Beta Evo 200 – this is the very last one in the Country so we grabbed it. As most of our fans know,… Continue reading Wednesday October 18th/23

Tuesday October 17th/23

We have now heard from a number of our regular readers that they are in fact clicking onto the new blog – . Although we have much work ahead before we will be satisfied. – Perhaps the sad part, is that as our old blog disappeared , into cyber- space – so it seems did… Continue reading Tuesday October 17th/23

Monday October 16th /23

Well it seems that young Harry Hemingway got 2nd overall in the grueling 2023 Scott Trial in Yorkshire – The young Beta rider was first listed in 4th – but a recount moved him up to 2nd ., dropping Billy Green down to 3rd – not that Billy will be sad at this placing, as… Continue reading Monday October 16th /23