Saturday November 11th/23

I was born in 1937 – just two years before the outbreak of World War Two. – As a child along with my siblings, we understood nothing of the horrors of war or what was really happening – we just did as we were told – our Dad went off into the Army . – The gas masks we had to carry when going to school and air raid shelters – were really something that as children we never understood – the sound of the air raid sirens – having to go into the shelter that our father and neighbors had built etc. – We saw the aircraft overhead – including one German bomber on fire going over our school yard. – Later we had a prisoner of war camp just down the road. – but as children we saw these POWs as quite normal – except for the big patch on their back as they were marched off to do farm work. – I got to know one Italian POW who was working at the farm just up the road from where we lived – I remember he had a great tan ! – but was so friendly – yes I was a young boy – but this guy was not my enemy getting taken prisoner was for him the best thing- he didn’t hate me or anybody.

Fast forward to what has happened since that time – The Korean War -The Vietnam War – The Gulf War – and others –

As the song from the past says ” When will they ever learn?”


Below is a pic from 6 years ago – it’s actually quite normal for us to get our first dump of snow early November in Vernon – Glad to say it’s nice this year!!

Also good to have decent weather for Remembrance Day. ( Fingers crossed)


Quiz for today – Who is this Trials rider?


Yesterday, we did an article on the Sherco – which was introduced in 1999 as the “New” Bultaco – But did you know that Bultaco also built a road racer? Here is a brilliant photo of one, the great Barry Sheene started his career on one, being sponsored by Bill Webster.

Ossa also got into this market, but shut it down after their top rider Herrero was killed in the Isle of Man


The Spanish factories are passionate about the sport of Trials – TRS have just added an 80cc model to the line up -it has a power valve – looks brilliant and will be a strong contester in the schoolboy class.

(Available by special order)

Don’t forget we have great deals on all our Wulf Trials gear. – Christmas is coming.



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