Sunday November 19th/23

Answer to the Saturday Blog quiz – Arthur Browning from the UK – a brilliant “All rounder” Trials-Enduro-MX-Hill climbs AND Speedway!!

We saw Arthur at the 1983 ISDE in Wales – He was riding a Yamaha TT 600 the same model that we borrowed from Walt Healy for Pat Horan to ride in our Trophy Team ( You need at least one big bore on the 6 man team) – John Kitchener was first correct answer – also Harlow and Brett – but no others got it.


Vernon Off Road Motorcycle Club

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Some of you have probably already seen this post but for those who haven’t –

This Aussie/Dutch rider got himself to San Diego with no sponsors, bought a used bike and rode it across the Mexican border, rode the bike down the length of the Baja Peninsula, entered in the Pro Moto Ironman (solo) class, had to do last minute modifications/additions to get his bike through tech inspection, started the race, battled through the 1300+ mile race course with no official pit crew but the help of some other crews along the course and finished in a top 10 position!

I’d say its similar to the Taddy Blazuziak Erzberg story!

Also on this theme – our buddy Guy Laycraft also won as a member of a Team in the over 60 class !! – These desert racers are a “Breed apart” with the late Al Perret also a real addict. I’ve told the story before of how Al phoned me late one night wanting to know how old I was – because he wanted me to join him racing the over 50 class. – I told him he was nuts!!


In other race news – Tristan Hart has won his first Hard Enduro Championship in the USA – – I ‘m sure we will see a lot more posted on this


Meanwhile over in Spain – The Costa Brava Vintage Trial is on with the 460 riders now likely all done after day #2 – Here is our Scottish buddy Harry McKay on one of the Beach sections.


Quiz- Who is this Beta rider ???


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