Wednesday October 18th/23


Another glorious day in the OK Valley yesterday – and just to spice it up a bit, we had Mike our Day& Ross driver, stop by with a nice new 2023 Beta Evo 200 – this is the very last one in the Country so we grabbed it.

As most of our fans know, we have promoted this model since it came out many years ago, and have dazzled more than one regular trials rider with it’s performance. – Yes this is also the bike that Emily just bought and was on at last week’s Shuswap Trial.

This one is for sale, so if you are interested best give us a call, I would add that there are other great deals going right now on both Beta and TRS Trials bikes. ( but only one estart TRS)


This has to be a truly classic shot of Helmut Clasen and Mick Andrews – we can only guess what they were talking about.


I was chatting to somebody last week about how light and easy to wheelie the new Trials bikes seem to be, and came across this old pic of me on my Bultaco Sherpa T 325 -back in 1973 – not that I was anywhere near as good as some of the younger guys like Murray Nutt or Bill Ockey – who were really experts at this.

Here’s another Bull – a newer one – in my backyard when we sold the New Bultaco/Sherco


We had no correct answer to the Tuesday quiz –

The Rider was Chris Stay – the bike a TRS and the Scott Trial section – “Bridge-end”


The Latest news from Michael.

Happy Trials Tuesday

Huge congrats this week go to Jonathan English for taking a run at the Scott Trial last Saturday. It is widely known as the toughest one-day trials event on the planet and for good reason. Jonathan put in a strong 5 hours but was unfortunately called on time.

Speaking of bucket list Trials events – the SSDT trial is open for entries, they typically get way more entries than there are opening for but good to get your name in the draw if you are interested.  

For the TdN team, all of the expenses have been totalled and agreed upon so now comes the process of e-transferring to the team members… with a $2,500 limit for every 24 hr period it will take me a while to get all the funds sent out (some have opted for cheques in the mail and bank drafts which will probably take about the same time to arrive).  There was a 15 page survey that went to each of the team members to collect feedback on this years experience and how things might improve for future years.

I still have not received my invite for the NATC planning weekend the end of this month but believe it should arrive soon. I have received some good suggestions from people but am certainly open for more.  

It took me a bit just to find the new website… but I have started putting up results that I have been sent over the summer. I think it will be nice once we can get these loaded into a database but it will take a while to construct it properly. For now, it is more of just a holding place for results people send me and can be found here: Results (

Unfortunately, it appears that Outlaw Dave’s archive of 20 years of results may have been lost on the internet which is all the more reason to have another spot for these files.

Speaking of Outlaw Dave – Great to see his blog is back up and running if your old link isn’t working here is the new one – Dave’s Blog – A WordPress Blog (


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