Friday October 20th/23

Good Morning Trials Fans !! Another weekend coming up, we hope you all get out for a ride and enjoy this fantastic time of the year. Yes we have plans – but will keep them a secret for now.

We found these old Scott Trial results, which we think are really interesting – especially as they list an award for the rider making the fastest time ! – you might recall this did not show on the recent 2023 event ( unless I missed something)


We have just seen a post on FB regarding somebody thinking of buying a TRS Xtrack – and being new to Trials was asking for advice.

Unfortunately as so often happens when people post on the Web – they ask questions, but neglect to say where they live – ie: what Country.

As most of our readers know, we have been selling TRS Motorcycles since they first came out, and as with other brands we have sold – We always test ride our products – You might be interested to know that the TRS Xtrack was our best seller last year – with the electric start being a huge reason.

The timing of this question on FB was quite timely, as only today, we decided to fit an Xtrack Kit onto our very nice TRS RR 250. – Obviously we have done this change over before, and have said ( as did Steve Saunders) that it only takes about 20-30 minutes to convert your regular Trials bike into a a friendly trail bike with a big tank and a seat.

As you can see we have what is virtually two bikes in one !! – now I will admit that this transformation took me a bit longer than the 15-20 minutes that we have advertised in the past ! – but part of that reason was that I mis-placed some of the parts, plus had to do some things twice!! – It’s an old guy thing!! – We also have not fitted the nice TRS decals on the “wings” just our own stickers. – But anyway -if you or your girlfriend-wife would like more info on the fantastic idea by Jordi Tarres – give us a call – yes we ride what we sell AND stock all parts and accessories for anything to do with Trials.



    1. Hi Turk – Just the same as your bike – OK with the plastic lever that comes stock – but to be honest I have rarely had to use the choke even cold

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