Sunday October 22nd /23

Well our planned ride at Summerland has failed to materialize so we will check out plan “B’ -well – I guess we are now onto plan “c” – maybe do some chores & watch the box!!


Quiz – Who is this rider?? – you can post your guess either below – or by email to

We were surprised that only Neil Carter guessed our Saturday quiz!! it showed a young Stan Bakgaard riding a Fantic at a Bilstein World round. Only Canadian Stan and Ryon Bell competed at the World Trials events for any period of time, s far as I recall.

Don’t forget you can email me or post your guess on the comments spot on our new site – Yes I know change is a pain, but we will get used to it.


Yesterday we did a bit more “set up” on the new Beta Evo 200 we just got in – as most readers know this has been one of my favorite bikes for about a decade . I reminded a customer a few days ago that these bikes work great stock right up to 7.000 ft with no changes needed to jetting – as indeed most of our bikes do – who ever came up with the idea that you need fuel injection to solve elevation problems, obviously never knew anything about carburation .

Back in my Yamaha days – the factory brought out the TY 175 – and as usual I had one as a demo – while the new bike was great – it would not run at the high elevation we used for events in Alberta.

After listening ( and trying) all the carb changes from all the local “Experts” – None of which worked – and getting both frustrated and laughed at by the rest of the Calgary trials riders ( After all I worked for Yamaha Canada) – I found out the problem ( almost by accident) – this jetting change to the Mikuni carb, was later confirmed by the Factory Yamaha guy – and I used that TY 175 to set up the very first FIM Canadian World Round in 1975. – My thinking has always been – if something works – why change it? – AND – bikes that are hard to start – are hard to sell !!!



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