Monday October 23rd/23

QUIZ FOR TODAY – Who is the Trials rider turned Journalist?

answer to yesterday – Roy Peplow -with the Factory Triumph cub no correct answers to this one – a toughie.

Scottish 2024 Entries now open !!!

Below is a great shot of a Beta rider at an Ontario Trial – it appears they have some new riders getting into the sport and lots of enthusiasm which has to be good.

Did you know that Famous World Champion Road Racer Geoff Duke, was first hired by Norton as a Trials rider? – Yes we have mentioned this before and the fact that he passed me in a muddy Time Trial held near Chester North Wales in the 1950’s ( He went on to win that) – Below is a Tankard from the Scottish Six Days with his name on it.

Somebody asked me the other day about the changes from the old bikes to the new ones !! Well obviously there are a ton of things – but really I think one of the best improvements made were to the footpegs – I remember my first competition bike had solid steel bolts with no grip at all – later of course bikes came with folding pegs – then the ultimate we have now with WIDE folding pegs!!.

As some of our readers might know – Florian Schott from Revelstoke has done a lot to promote Trials in that area, but with a young family and busy lifestyle he has decided to take some time off and go on a winter vacation abroad. We thank him for all the hard work he put in over the past few years. – Safe Travels.


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