Tuesday October 24th/23

It would be nice if I could say this pic was taken last Sunday as it was a beautiful day – but unfortunately I did not get out – and this pic is from some time ago up above Vernon. The estart TRS Xtrack is a fantastic bike – this was a 280 that has now been sold, but I now have the 250 version which is perfect for me

With snow in the forecast, I might have missed a great last ride of the season – as I’m not much for either cold weather of riding in the snow – However this was not always the case – but when you’re young you can put up with a lot.


Not Trials, but this was a MX reunion last weekend held in Toronto – it appears to have been a wonderful time for a lot of Canadas great riders from yesteryear – a few names missing because they are no longer with us Bill McLean and Larry McKenzie for example, and Zoli was away on Vacation, I saw the podcast interview with Ross Pederson in which he spoke extremely well – very humble as many people have said – a great Canadian MX Champion.

This brought back more memories of my Yamaha Canada days – Ross was a young up and coming rider on a Suzuki and Bob Work, the Race Director for Yamaha, asked if I could talk to him about riding for Yamaha – ( I often acted as a contact for Bob) – Anyway this I did and Ross was soon smoking up the tracks all across North America – I was also able to sign Zoli Berenyi JR for Yamaha around the same time. Althouh my main job with Yamaha Canada was setting up the dealer network and selling product ( Bikes & Sleds) – my unofficial job was signing up any promising rider for Off road – Trials, – Cross Country and MX. – ( This was a lot more fun than selling bikes!!)


A few years ago, I was invited by Interlube International to attend the huge Lawn & Garden show in Louiville Kentucky, I would help out on the Opti Stand they had set up – ( In fact I went to two of these shows)

Now having done a zillion of Motorcycle shows both with Yamaha Canada and on my own, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, however, when I got to the site – I was completely blown away, by both the size and volume of displays.

There were literally hundreds of lawn mowers all different colors spread out over what seemed like a sea of garden equipment.

Later and before the show opened, I wandered around to take a look, – I was standing in the aisle glancing at the product each side, when an older sales guy approached. – After exchanging pleasantries, – I said to him – “Tell me why I should buy that green mower over there, over the red one this side of the aisle” – After all they all look the same.

He asked where I was from, and asked what dealerships were in Town. – I told him we had quite a few and named the big block stores plus the small Mom & Pop place in the older part of town., who had been there for decades

Well ! he said – If I was you – I would buy from the Mom & Pop store, because not only will they likely have parts – but will also know how to fix them – that is why they are still there.

And that my friends is my message for anybody buying a Trials bike.


Answer to the Monday quiz.- Trial Mag UK Editor John Hulme at Orgate Falls in the 1993 Scott Trial – correct answers from Stan Backgaard and Neil Carter


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