Monday November 13th/23

How Green was my Valley – Yes this is a pic taken in Wales -just South of where we lived in the UK – No wonder I like the Okanagan it’s so similar – ( but without the sheep)


The undisputed King of Modern day Trials – Toni Bou, has come out with his opinion on how the future of the sport should be. – Yes he has a point, with regard to the spectator appeal or lack of it with old style events. – We also agree with him on the silly “No stop” rules. However, the stats don’t seem to add up when you look at where people are spending their money and the events that they are entering. – plus the reason the Factories are all in a turmoil.

For example, while an Xtrial event might have thousands of paying customers watching all the hop & bop stuff – it is my humble opinion that not many of these will be dashing out next day to buy an expensive Trials bike.

Toni does mention the need to get the kids involved at an early age – but this is not some new idea – they have been doing this in the UK for decades with School boy trials, and in fact we have tried to promote this in Canadian events as well. –

We have said time and again – Trials riding is NOT a spectator sport at the club level –

Toni is also critical of the current FIM organization – Well yes that’s the way it is and somebody has to step up to the plate – Most club Trials ( Including the most famous of all “The Scottish Six Days”) are run by volunteers !!!

He goes on to say that he would like to continue with Honda after he retires !! Well why would he not – staying where the big bucks are would be a smart move. – ( I doubt this will happen knowing how the Japanese operate) – Dougie Lampkin found this out, as did Sammy Miller before him.

So looking at the current situation in Trials – The factories are not selling enough and some will shut down – The trials that are showing a huge growth – The Classic or Vintage Trials with 3-400- entrees at the European events. – Yes check that out!!!

The “Old Fashioned” UK events are still doing well – especially if they offer three different classes. – So where does this leave us ? Obviously for New bike sales it’s a worry – but Trials riding and Trials enthusiasts are both stubborn and resilient.. – Yes we need more people to put on events and I’m not talking about car park stuff – we need to give riders a reason to both own and want to get out and ride their bikes – learn new techniques and enjoy the wonderful Countryside we are blessed with in Canada.

Thanks Toni for what you have done – but we do not share quite the same vision, of the sport.


Quiz – Name the rider, the event and the section!!

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