Tuesday November 14th /23

Wishing Sammy Miller a very happy 90’th birthday from Trials fans everywhere – He rode a race bike into the showroom to celebrate.

Sammy said he quit World Class Road racing – because “I would rather be an old Trials rider – than a dead road racer”

What a legend.

(Note! we imported a lot of Trials Accessories from Sammy back in the day)

Could this be how the Xtrial Series will be advertised in 2024?


Take a minute to read this report of a Trial from the 1950’s – As a young lad just into Trials – this was what you read in the weekly Motorcycle papers, and also found out if you had won an award if you had been riding that day. – Also of interest, is the fact that this National Trial was won by Jeff Smith -yes the World Champion MX guy. !! Back in the 1950’s Trials were usually run in the winter months ( lots of mud) – then many riders would switch to “Scrambling” in the summer.


Answer to the Monday quiz – Bernie Schreiber at the Scottish – section called Laggan Locks – a few correct answers – some say it’s not Laggan Locks -!! especially ones who have ridden it – -so on checking my book ” The Scottish” 1900-1962 by Tommy Sandham – it could be the section called Mamore – – but who is this rider? (pic by Archie Bell) – and what is the machine??

Trial at IOCO next Sunday – here are a few of the more senior riders of the CPTA.


Entrees for the 2024 Scottish Six Days are now closed – we have heard that Jon English sent his in last minute. – Not sure if any other Canadian riders entered.


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