Thursday November 16th/23

We have been lucky so far in the OK Valley as regards to early snow, but it is not always this way – take a look at this pic of Jay Colly’s camp the morning after the Remembrance Trial we held a few years ago.

I remember that we did have quite a lot of snow out on the trail and it was also very cold – in fact at -20 – we stayed overnight at Pete’s home in Summerland, as did Bob & Brett. – They had to park their Sherco 4T bikes by the hot exhaust of the truck before they would start next day!! We also had a vintage Trial on the Saturday – great memories – As I recall we started the event after the two minute silence to mark November 11th and I played the “Last Post” on my harmonica . – ( wish I had a video of that)


Trial this Sunday at IOCO sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle – should be a gooodie.


Its the Costa Brava Vintage Trial this weekend in Spain – with close to 500 entrees !!!! Yes you heard that right. – Our old buddy Harry McKay will be there on his Fantic, so we will watch to see how he does.

Quiz – Who is this sitting on the Merlin Trials bike? – and does anybody know what brand name these were marketed under back in the day – ( Deer foot Cycle in Calgary had one – not sure what happened to it – big heavy lump)

Answer to yesterday – Yrjo Vesterinen and Mick Andrews only Pete Varey, Harlow and Brett got this correct – Thanks to everybody who enjoys clicking onto our blog


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