Friday November 17th/23

Quiz – who is this rider?

Answer to yesterday – The Bike was later called a Cagiva and the guy sitting on it – John Hulme of Trial Mag UK fame

Neil Carter was in first with the correct response – followed by the usual Bob Clark, Brett, Harlow. – Stan got in late with the correct answer and also told his story about the very cold Remembrance Trial we had in the snow at Summerland – it’s good that we can bring back memories for people with our photos on the blog.


So Sherco have decided to sell their bikes “Dealer Direct” in the UK with Emma Bristow and her partner James Fry two of the people involved in this change. We can only assume that this is so they can market the bikes at “Distributor price” in these troubling times. – bad news of course for Malcolm Rathmell, who has Imported and promoted the brand for the past 24 years. ( I hope they bought all his stock of parts etc at a fair price) – It remains to be seen if other factories follow this trend which was started by KTM when they bought Gas Gas. -( they dumped long time Importer John Shirt who put his heart/soul and a ton of money into the Gas Gas brand) – Of course it’s possible to drive from the UK to Spain to pick up parts in only a couple of days, so time will tell how this works out. We wish Emma luck.

Note! Yamaha also pulled their line from John Shirt when they set up Mitsui UK. – They also bought the brand back from Trev Deeley in Canada in 1973 when they formed Yamaha Motor Canada .


A couple of other events happening this weekend – The Grey Cup and the F1 race from Las Vegas. ( Yawn)


Jordi Tarres has posted a video on the FB site on the 10th year Anniversary of the TRS brand – He shows interesting inside info and his vision for the future. – check it out

Note! Outlaw have been on board with TRS since that first model in 2016 and yes we are very happy to be involved with the Jordi bikes.


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