Tuesday November 21st/23

Quiz for today – Name all these former Canadian Trials Champions

Answer to the Monday quiz – many time World Road Race Champion – Giacomo Agostini. Pete Varey was first in with the correct response.


So looking back at the huge success of the Classic Costa Brava 2 day – does this not send a message to the FIM regarding what Trials riders really want? – The only other Trial that is always oversubscribed to this extent, is the Scottish Six Days – another “Old fashioned-Traditional Trial” – Of course the Spanish Trial also has the benefit of nice weather, in a holiday beach side setting – another attraction for families.

Check out this nice original Sherpa T complete with radial cylinder head – The bike designed by Sammy Miller that changed the sport completely. – The bikes that are entered in the various classes at the Costa are as much about nostalgia as about competition. – Most of these cost as much or more than a modern bike.


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