Wednesday November 22nd/23

Answer to the Tuesday quiz – John Jones, Bob Kelly – Steve Fracy – Trevor Howarth and Stan Bakgaard. – First and only all correct response – Cam Whiffing from Ontario.

Quiz for today – Who is this rider?

Above is a pic of Stan Bakgaard at the Kelowna Home Show back in 1985 – It could be said that Stan was the Canadian originator of Trials Super shows – He travelled all over this Country plus parts of the USA , hauling all the impressive obstacles that wowed the crowds –


We received a long message and some pics yesterday from our buddy Harry McKay. with the story about the Costa Brava Classic Trial, there is little doubt that the Scottish lads had a great time – they attend these events to enjoy themselves and have some fun, while still aiming for a reasonable result. – Harry said he had some really good rides on Saturday, but was docked a “5” for “Touching” a section marker !! This type of checking is to me a bit “Over the top” as for decades the rider only gets a maximum score if they “displace” a section marker.

This is not a pic from the Costa Brava – but it’s one from our own Classic Events – which were very popular a few years ago when held in conjunction with the Outlaw Trial – It shows myself on the nice TY 175 that I had fitted with the Sammy Miller tank/seat unit. ( pic by Steve Richardson) – that was when I had my age printed on the front number plate so that would have been 19 years ago at Stony Plain. AB.


We also got a call yesterday from Steve Richardson who lives out on Gambier Island. – It was nice to catch up on all the news as we have not seen Steve for a long time – he doesn’t ride much anymore, and it’s a hassle getting a bike off the Island. Below is a pic from many years ago, when Steve and myself joined Jimmy Corkle and a bunch of locals, on a trip up to a mountain lake near Elko. Steve is on the far right with Jimmy (rip) next to him -I took the pic, but we had a really good day – this was at a stop on route to pick up supplies.


News from Ioco is that they had a very good rider turn out for their Mountain MC sponsored Trial last Sunday – over 40 riders!! Great to hear this. Jesse McDowall took the top expert class on his TRS – Katie was there riding injured with a bad knee, but she still placed 5th in a very large Inter class. full results can be seen on the CPTA website.


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