Thursday November 23rd /23

Below you see a pic of me at the 1992 Scottish Six Days Trial – I’m pointing to the Outlaw cross bar pad that Mick Andrews put on the Yamaha Prototype TYZ which was being ridden by a Japanese Factory rider. – Mick thought it was pretty funny to have that on the Factory bike ( No we didn’t get any big orders from this!!)

Sad to say that the production bike that we got was a disappointment and in fact was the main reason we became a Beta/GasGas dealer for Don Clark.


Another Scottish picture from an earlier year – not sure who took it or who the rider is – but just look at those hardy spectators standing out in the rain. – Yes it usually rains in Scotland and the cold gets into your bones!!


Not Trials – but this rider Reg Armstrong pictured crossing the finish line at the TT in the Isle of Man – “Just as his primary chain broke” – the Manx Norton’s had an open air cooled clutch – Reg did ride a few trials in the winter months – and Yes he won that race.

(Pic courtesy Motorcycle Magazine)


Not many will recognize this Police Inspector !! It’s former Yamaha Trials rider Andy Huddleston from the UK playing on our TRS 125 in the backyard while visiting a few years ago.


Quite a few people guessed our quiz from yesterday – Yes old buddy Barry Van As riding one of the arena style sections he built for the shows we put on around the Valley a few years (quite a few) ago.

Stan and Brett were in quickly- plus Harlow- Bob- and Kevin Couves – obviously not many people from down East knew this. – ( But Barry did win the Senior Class of the WTC National Trial held in Quebec)


.We hope everybody is enjoying these old pics and memories from yester-year – At least the Internet is good for something!! – Of course these days anybody can take a good photo – just with their phone ! – not like the old days, when you needed quite a lot of photographic know-how , in order to get a good result. We are always looking for pics and interesting reports to post.


With so much posted on the huge Vintage Trial at Costa Brava – and showing dozens of old but really nice Fantics listed – it reminded me of the two we had back a few years when we promoted the Vintage class at the Outlaw Trial – not only in the Valley, but also on Vancouver Island and Alberta. – This is a pic of me riding one in my last Trials competition at age 70 – it was at Stony Plain AB – a brilliant spot that the ATRA used for a number of years. ( This bike is now owned by Walter Cukavac)


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