Sunday November 26th/23

We hope you are all enjoying your weekend – which for most of us Out West is still without snow. – However we did have to change our plans on Saturday, because of overnight snow at a new location near Kelowna, that we have been asked to check out ( All private and possible area for future Trials)

We did get over to the Westside and explored a new trail- which has lots of promise for sections. – We came across another signposted spot up on one ridge – “Davy Jones Lookout”

As you can see by this pic that Mike took – there are some beautiful views over on the Westside – It was cool so I was wearing lots of clothes and also the neat Welsh neck scarf that Taff brought back for me from Wales. – A great day which ended up sitting by the wood fire in Roy’s shop drinking coffee. ( telling lots of stories as usual)

As most people know, We have always been a big promoter of the Beta brand, but the Evo 200 has been one of our favorites since it was introduced way back when – This model is often overlooked by would be buyers, because they think the engine size is too small – However, we can tell you from many hours of experience on the 200 – it’s a real giant killer –

Below is a pic of Lawrence from BVM in the UK – he will be riding a 2024 Evo 200 next year, so we will be sure to watch all the BVM videos that get posted on You Tube.

( Yes we have a brand new 2023 Evo 200 in stock)

Quote below from a popular on line mag>

We’ve seen too many riders quit the sport because they purchased the wrong motorcycle – often influenced by online reviews, well-meaning friends, or unethical salespeople. Riding a bike that’s too advanced for your skill level can be a scary and dangerous experience, leading to injuries and eventually selling the bike.


Quiz Who is this rider and at what event ??

Answer yesterday – Joel Robert World Champion MX rider – who also rode the odd Trial when starting out – Only Harlow got this.


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