Monday November 27th/23

Answer to the Sunday quiz – Bernie Schreiber a Watkins Glen World Round on an SWM – Correctly guessed by the usual crew. ( Pic by Steve Troupe)


Looks like they had a good turn out for the VMC Trial yesterday.


Interesting old article featuring Ralph Venables


The last week of November & glad to say still no snow down low – this often happens in the OK Valley – all good as the longer it stays up high the better.

For example this is an old pic of Steve Day when he stopped by to pick up a nice Wulf riding Jacket – These are still available in various colors, with zip out sleeves and lots of pockets. – As you can see by the pic we were still running the GM long wheelbase van back then, which we bought new in 1993 and retired when it had 1.2 million km on the clock. Also still selling Sammy stuff back then before he sold that business. ( I’m sure Steve will still have that jacket stored away someplace – they last forever) – (made in Scotland)


Quiz – Who is this rider ? no longer with us.

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