Tuesday November 28th/23

Below is one of the last Sammy Miller Catalogues we got – these were much improved over the years, as Sam got a bit more professional. – We never did deal with the new owners.

And this pic below is one of me scrambling back in 1957 !!

And We’re still here !!!!!!!


We heard from Roger Boothroyd that they had 50 riders at the Trial last Sunday – the largest entry for many years. Good to hear and obviously somebody is doing something right. Lets hope this is a good sign for 2024


Quiz for today. Who is the rider ??

Answer to yesterday – Kelvin Marshal (rip) one of the founders of the CPTA. Kelvin had a shop in Vancouver but ended up working for Walt in Calgary for quite a few years.

Brett-Harlow-Bob and Stan all got it


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