Wednesday November 29th /23

Sometimes Emily tests some great bikes for Motorcycle Mojo – but her favorite is her Beta Evo 200 Trials bike. -Then other times she has to ride a real “Camel” ( That’s what Sammy Miller called the 1950’s Ariel Scrambler.)

Answer to the Tuesday quiz – Bob Johns – Editor of the Website “Trials Canada” which was popular for many years. The pic was taken in the UK many years ago. – Brett Clark- Roger Boothroyd and Harlow plus Bob Clark all guessed correctly


Seems there was a meeting in Spain with FIM and World Trials riders, after the post by Toni Bou. – Oh to be a fly on the wall.

Just for the record, we think the FIM “No Stop” rules for World Class Trials events are stupid . In our opinion Trials is a balance sport and all about getting through a difficult section without putting your feet down. – To stop and balance – back up with feet on the pegs should be OK – BUT if the rider puts a foot down while stationary for more than 5 seconds – the score should be “5” – Although World Trials are all about big crowds-big money – the checkers are only amateurs – just regular unpaid club people. – Yes Toni Bou is right – things need to change.

( I wonder what these FIM Officials get paid AND What do they do?)

The WTC (World Trials Canada) Trials link of the WEC – utilized these rules for 10 years with great success and few issues. – Unfortunately when COVID hit, the WEC shut down, and with it so did the WTC.

Michael Traves of Nova Scotia, has been working tirelessly for the last couple of years, to get Canadian Trials better organized and with some financial support from both the CMA and the MIC – plus one set of rules that are universal for both Canada and the USA (NATC) – This is an unpaid job – so kudus to Michael for all his efforts. Canada is a big Country with a small Trials pond.

How things will pan out in the future is anybody’s guess – I think the days of Canada hosting a World Round are gone – the huge expenses required by the FIM make it unfeasible. – It is still possible to keep Trials riders all across the Country in touch with events in other areas – after all we now have Hi tech Internet – we have YOU Tube etc. -The problem is “Somebody has to do all the unpaid organizing, and put up with all the “bitching” . ( We get over a million hits a year on our small Trials website so some people are interested)

In our opinion, hosting family style Trials events with a camp out and fun for the kids always was the best way to see any growth in the sport. – Trials will never be either huge or a money maker in Canada. It should all be about having fun.

To everyone who has made an effort in the past and who is still trying to put on Trials events. I say Well Done, it’s not easy.


Hard to believe that it was a bike like this that first got me interested in Motorcycles in 1953 – The BSA Bantam – a copy of a DKW. –


Another golden oldie the Norman Factory Team at the Scottish in 1953 – Yes they rode a lot of the same sections that are still in today,.


Quiz – Who is this rider???

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