Friday December 1st/23

We saw this printed on FB – and thought it quite funny, but sadly it also hosts a lot of truth.

Lee Kay

The issue is quite a misunderstanding. When motorcycles were 100 kg and had basically on/off clutches a “stop” was in reality a “stuck.” The bike and rider were stuck and thus it was simple to call a 5.

With modern bikes all under 75 kg, hydraulic clutches the sport got to “gotcha” 5s. Observers would look for any excuse to penalize a rider with a 5. HA….GOTCHA. Riders were furious at how unfair this was and the “no stuck” was lost.

What took its place of “stop, hop, pop and plop” is virtually unwatchable. Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity…legs flailing right and left, motor reved to the moon and throw the bike. This now requires backpackers.

Why are modern trials bikes not selling? Observed trials is sadly, a joke. There are completely different rules, classes and courses at every single trial. No stuck has in the USA been replaced with “Easter Egg” Trials. Seven different lines in every section. Gates all over. Going through a wrong gate is a 5….well at SOME trials. Missing a gate is a 5 at all trials. Some do not even mark some classes.. ” your class rides where there is no marking.” Huh? Oh navigating the course is “part of the challenge.”

Any one can go to their local motorcycle dealer buy a “Factory Edition” or signature model MX bike. They can go to their local track, rude practice and race. How do they know how they did? Uh gee if they cross the finish line first, they win.

Who will they compete against? People with similar skills.People that are older compete in vet classes. They have slow medium and fast groups.

Trials? Biggest sandbag sport EVER. Fantastic lyrics skilled riders who are older do not want to ride scarey things, ride in the “novice” class. They literally beam with pride at beating 6 year olds!

So we have signature model trials bikes EXCEPT for the famous 34X. He gets to ride a full factory, unobtanium Honda. His results would have been significantly different had he been required to rode a production based Honda with one spark plug and one ignition.

How do we help the sport we love? In one word: SIMPLIFY. Trials currently is a dizzying array of conflicting rules, no standard course markings, and massive sand bagging.

Modern trials bikes are quickly approaching $10,000. And require flywheel weights, slower throttles and most could really benefit from a long ride kit with a seat!


Answer to the Thursday Quiz -Stan Bakgaard at the WatkinsGlen World Round in 1984 – pic by Steve Troupe!! ONLY COMPLETE CORRECT GUESS – Bob Clark – -Mountain MC.


QUIZ Today – Who is this rider and what bike.??


I see that the FIM are meeting in Liverpool UK this weekend – ( rather a strange location – of more interest to Beetles fans) However the “South Liverpool Club” used to host a ton of really good trials back in the 1950’s – many of which were in North Wales ( my stomping ground) Michael Traves has sent along some Canadian content which may get some response ( but doubtful)

Of course the Liverpudlians ” have been at it for quite a few years – this from 1948 – check out all those Norton’s


Anybody notice anything strange about this picture?


Last week we showed you a pic of the 2024 Beta Evo – today we show the 2024 TRS – Both brilliant bikes, but I suspect they will be in short supply next year – SO if YOU are in the market !! better jump to it pretty quick and let us know what you are interested in ( Not you Ross — we know what you want!!)

UPDATE – we have our first snow !! white over the front yard.


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