Sunday December 3rd/23

Answer to the Saturday Quiz – Steve Colley -(Beta) section is Craig Lundie – at the 1992 Scottish Six Days — Stan got it correct. ( He is in California today) – He emailed to say he had a good ride at that section in 2013 but not so good in 2017.

Steve Troupe posted this pic of Stan – it was taken by Harlow Rankin – reminded me of a little story – it was back in late 1983 that I was chatting to Stan on the Yamaha booth at the Calgary Motorcycle Show and showing him the new TY 250 which was coming out the following year. I was able to put together a deal with him to ride a Walt Healy Yamaha – likely the last good thing I did at Yamaha Canada, before leaving the company in February 1984. ( Yes that was a tough decision but the Japanese were in a real spot with way too many bikes to sell and just stopped listening- they wanted to relocate me to Richmond which was never going to happen )

Fortunately the Yamaha deal for Stan turned out great and in fact he had his best finish that year at the Scottish Six Days 13th !! best ever by a Canadian. – Glad to say we have remained friends ever since.

After the TY era – we got Stan on a JCM for 1981 – but that bike was never that good – so then it was the Sherco years. – and more recently Stan has bought a TRS from us.

Interestingly enough – Stan still has the Walt Healy TY – much modified over the years. – plus he also has a Majesty twinshock.

The other good thing I managed to do before I left Yamaha, was organize a team of riders to go to the 1983 ISDE in Wales – it took a lot of behind the scenes work over many months – to get the Yamaha UK Importer to supply us with this huge transporter and arrange everything – Walt was again our hero, supplying the TT 600 for Pat Horan to ride on the Trophy Team.


No idea who this lady is or who took the photo – but what a great shot with the old Norton.


We have not been the only ones to have overnight snow for an important Trial – this was an Irish round back in the day – and many events in the UK have been cancelled today because of snow!!!

Here are the results from that day.


It was a big night for the Trials stars last night in Liverpool England, where they held the FIM Awards. – Pic shows Dougie Lampkin with the Hemingway’s – – The lads clean up well!!


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