Tuesday April 16th/24

Answer to the last quiz – the famous Walt Healy – a pic I took of him at the Scottish Six Days in 1992 – I saw the old Norton and thought it would make a good shot – However the copy I posted was of poor quality. The section nearby was Chairlift and as usual it was raining!

Although Walt had travelled quite a lot, he had never been to Europe, and surprised me one day by asking when I was leaving for Scotland. – I told him in three weeks, to which he replied – I think I’ll come with you David. – I think I may have told the story before, but Walt showed up at the Calgary airport with a backpack and his visa card and not much else. – However having travelled with him quite a lot during my Yamaha years, I knew just what to expect, and everything turned out just fine. – All our usual bloggers got this one with Brett even adding the Norton Motorcycle.

Quiz today – Guess who is this rider?


We did manage to find one pic of Toby Martyn from last weekend – he did win both days, but Pat Smage kept him honest for sure. no other results yet.


Big trial at Ioco this coming Sunday – yes we sponsor this one, but again I’m not likely to be there unless somebody is going down and wants to take me – ( We don’t drive too far these days)


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