Wednesday April 17th/24

Answer to the Tuesday quiz – quite an easy one – Mart Lampkin on the Sherpa T – as usual Brett was in first, but John Kitch, Nick Hellings, Bob Clark, Harlow and Steve ORorke were also quick in with this.

Quiz today – Who and where???


A classic shot of riders “walking the section” in Scotland all part of Trials competition – Only long time organizers can relate to how this plays a part when plotting sections – many of which can either become harder or easier, depending on the weather and number of riders. (remember in the Scottish there are 380 riders go through every section)


Looks like they had some big rocks at the NATC Trial in Arizona

pic shows winner Toby Martyn – doing his thing. ( no idea of photographer)

Here is another from the NATC – Alex Neiderer


This is a great shot of Mick taken quite a few years ago – there is no doubt that he has earned his place on the honor roll of Trials.


Birthday greetings today to James Dabill – this is another Neil Sturgeon Photo in Scotland – Dabill is back to ride this event again this year.


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